Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why Not Be Different? Freaks N' Geeks Unite!

(The post haboob-world in Phoenix following the biggest fucking duststorm ever invented by nature!)

Also, you can catch an interview with me about Josiah: Undead Cowboy and my writing techniques.

(Odd pets)


(Body modification)


(Harry Potter fan)

(horror convention)


Whatever floats your boat--embrace it!

Me? Oh, I bet you want to know what my geek thing is...I like the idea of role playing. Had I been a kid nowadays, I'd be LARP'ing, but as a mature adult woman, I'd really like a man in a Michael Myers mask...


  1. HN;
    Yes. I would like to do the horror convention, but I am also very into the idea of a pet penguin, although it would not appreciate the AZ desert.

  2. Just be yourself and dont worry about what other people think! lol.

  3. Anyone who reads my blogs knows that. hee hee I'm kinda in your faces with my weirdness and tomorrow my chest is in everyone's face on another candlelight tale

  4. I love it when people are a bit bent. It just makes life more interesting. Glad you had the dust storm; it will be a wonderful sense memory for when you read "The Lawman", a short story I've been working on. Hoping to get those projects wrapped up for 2012.

  5. Cullan;
    Send it out to the critique group if you want. Scott and Leo and I would love to read it. Yeah, that was a duststorm that needs to be in the zombie book, but I have to figure out how to do it right--it needs to be at a critical time. Perhaps the zombies could emerge from the orange cloud like "The Fog" spirits.

  6. Take a laser pointer into a furry convention... It's amazing. :-p There were lots at Metro-Con, so my friend and I sat there and pointed a Laser pointer around, and a couple of 'em chased it. ^.^