Monday, July 25, 2011

What Are Your Post-Apocalyptic Plans?

How many of you bought plastic and duct tape during the Bush regime?
How many microwaved your mail during the anthrax scare?
How many of you stored supplies during Y2K?
How many of you wonder if you should store water? Dried foods? Medicines? Iodine and chloride tablets?

So, just what are your plans for the post-apocalypse? Would you go to the country? Secure yourself into a high rise with some supplies? Would you go to an island? A cave?

I think an ideal situation would be a group with a good range of talents from strength to medical knowledge, building and rigging power, survivalist skills and mercenary skills, but not such a large group you'd be easy to spot or have too many people to support with limited resources.

My dream clan?

A chinese herbalist who turned doctor.
A martial arts, ancient weapons expert.
A building contractor/carpenter.
An electrical engineer with solar experience.
An outdoorsman with survivalist training.
A hunter/trapper.
An ex green beret.

Where I live, survival is not easy. My plans have to include going up to the eastern mountains where there are lakes, woods, and rain/snow. Each vehicle in our caravan would have to carry motorcycles and bicycles so we're ready for any kind of transport, should one break down and for when we reach our final place and run out of gas, we will still have motorcycles for a time and then bicycles for transport.

Have you ever sat down and really thought about what you'd do?


  1. great idea... in my tribe/clan or as i would like to call it jeremy-land... i would want a really good doctor/nurse combo so to help with illness, infections or general practice. someone who has all around knowledge of fixing stuff... someone who can teach others to fire weapons... someone who would be an elder to help remember the good old days... in case the libraries were destroyed. generally a few smart people who can see what to do next, but not a new government... if we have to live underground... diggers lots of diggers... never the morlocks...


    mostly i wouldn't survive and would turn to cannibalism, so if you don't eat meat now get used to it... kidding.

  2. In that zombie dream the other night, the only thing that seemed to bother me was having enough ammo for head shots for those fukkahs...

    All in all, not smart dream planning... :oD


  3. Haha. That's the dilemma my Sheriff Kai: Zombie Outlaw Killer has in the novella I'm writing. No ammo. Damn! So, how do you kill zombies without ammo? Hmm--thinking of something a bit steampunk meets "The Thing."

  4. They say failing to plan is planning to fail, but I'm not so sure surviving is winning in this case.

    To paraphrase an old saying, "If you prepare for the Apocalypse, the Apocalypse comes sooner."

    I prefer not to put my time and energy on THAT side of the scale, as it were.

    (But I wish good luck to those that do!)

  5. I would never worry about an apocalypse scenario, but living in the desert, you think about it every time you go out in your car because you realize without water you're fucked. It's a very vulnerable place to live and any time there's a drought, you wonder about how much longer there will be resources. I never gave it a thought when I lived where it was green and rainy and abundant. But, we live Mad Max every day here in hell.

  6. I wasn't casting dispersions - especially at you - just 'disowning' the entire notion itself.

    But that doesn't mean I've never thought about it. I just don't have constant reminders, which helps me not to linger there mentally.

    (Usually I'm on vacation, mentally) :)

  7. I have a plan and some supplies ready to go. If things go to hell in a hand basket though I'm sticking solo rather then looking for a group.

    I did a couple posts on my website (not the SNAFU but my other one) covering a little bit on how to prepare for this kind of thing. If you want to check it out here's the link

  8. Wolf-Thanks. Yes, you're pretty sharp. I'm guessing you have considered the possibilities. Of course, for me in the middle of the freaking desert, just the location alone can be one of the worst enemies. I'm sort of hoping for a Waterworld, I do enjoy being at sea.

  9. I like your ideal team. I would settle for just a regular doctor, however, and any engineer would be good too. I always plan to rent a castle in France for the apocalypse because the castle walls would provide safety and if they didn't at least we'd die someplace lovely.

  10. Haha. Yeah, Jessica, you could have others to haunt the place with--centuries worth of them! I like that! I picked a Chinese herbalist/doc because we wouldn't have anymore drug companies, so someone has to know how to turn those raspberry leaves into a curative.

  11. I hate to say this, but I really believe that if society were to collapse tomorrow, none of the people were I live would even notice. The Pueblo I live in has maybe 400 people stretched out over several square miles. Everybody pretty much already grows their own food and raises their own livestock. Because I'm such a spoiled gringo and have to have my specific munchies and condiments (as well as sugary cereal....unapologetically addicted to that) 40 mile trip into "town" to get my American consumerist vibe on. But mostly everything I eat is either grown or slaughtered less than a mile from where I live.

    But this is a neutral country anyway, and I think the biggest problem would be a huge influx of people from the States and maybe Mexico because you can literally grow anything here. The advantage there is they have to go through Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador first.

    Oh and as far as your ideal clan goes I would definitely throw in for martial arts expert and then laugh at the Green Beret because there was a Marine in camp now.

  12. Can I be on your team? You've really thought this out. My zombie apocalypse plans have only gone as far as thinking about what food I'd loot (coffee and chocolate, first!), stocking up on painkillers (because I get headaches/migraines) and my weapon of choice (crossbow - I've got a thing about crossbows!)

    I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I did stock up on water for Y2K... just in case. I have also seriously thought about having an emergency backpack prepared. I want one like Sheldon Cooper's from 'The Big Bang Theory': "recommended by the Department of Homeland Security. And Sarah Conner."

  13. Haha. Emergency backpack. Oh jeez, if I could, I'd just pack a Sheldon in my suitcase. I love that guy!

    Aaron; I'm with you on that. I grew up living off the land a lot. My parents encouraged that lifestyle and I find that being in the desert makes me feel very vulnerable. In fact, when I was 12, we were going to move to Costa Rica because my father thought it was the most beautiful and sustainable place on earth. I'm glad it still is.

  14. I try not to think about it too much, because I think we are getting closer to it, and it gives me a headache.

    But, since you parents live on a farm, so I would go there. We would be somewhat self-sufficient, plus they have guns. ;)