Monday, July 18, 2011

Through the Wormhole

"Tracking Souls to the Afterlife"

"Is There a Creator?"

This show, "Through the Wormhole" is my very favorite show in the entire universe! I cannot get enough of it! Quantum theories--my toes are curling, my heart is pounding, parts of me are getting moist... Yes, I'm a geek!

Here's the whole episode of "is there life after death?"

This fantastic show is done on Science Channel and a search on YouTube under "Through the Wormhole" will find you amazing episode teasers!

Also, look here.


  1. I wonder how one would track a soul... :P

  2. Well, that's what some ghost hunters hope to do. I'd like to set myself up before I die with a research team in which we've practiced how I will communicate with them as I pass on and then have them called in as I'm passing and begin the process of trying to continue communicating as I cross over.

  3. MM--you're highly evolved for you kind. :-)

  4. I haven't seen this show yet. I saw Morgan Freeman talking about it on 'The View'. He was discussing the topic of whether time actually exists (be still my beating heart!). Whoopi was the only one into it... the other women always get very uncomfortable about paranormal topics, or anything abstract, really.

  5. I'm actually not a believer in time. I believe that we invented it in order to account for events in sequence. When we discuss time, it has to do with "when I dyed my hair purple" or "the day I got married." I don't think time exists, but I think man needed a way to socially be able to have a commonality.

  6. Yes. Time is completely man made. We HAVE to have points of reference. And this is one of the greatest shows ever. I absolutely love it...I am just still troubled about the whole Morgan Freeman and his niece thing and can not look at him the same way.