Saturday, July 16, 2011

Talking to the Window Blinds?

You want to know the difference in the ghost hunting world between the investigators and the woo-woo's?

A friend and I were sitting in my apartment talking about communicating with the dead, when the blinds on my window began to jump up and down, dancing wildly, making loads of noise. We both stopped, turned and studied it in surprise. I hadn't heard the blinds do this before.

Being investigators, we looked at the blinds, realized they were on the window, opened the back door and looked outside to find a wind storm hitting.

Had we been woo woo's, we would have gasped, pivoted in our seats, and proceeded to talk to the blinds, hoping to get answers from the dead.

It's easy to think of these folks as being lazy for not getting up and investigating, but that is not why they would stop at that point and accept it. It's belief. Belief is a hard thing to shed logic upon. Belief is based on desires, wishes, hopes, and needs.

I have had the hardest time hunting with the people who, because they are believers, believe in everything being haunted, everything being evil, everything being "bad."

Here's how it goes in the paranormal world. Once you have a truly unexplainable event that you have to accept is paranormal, you are never the same. It takes only one event to make a believer, but no matter how many times you explain phenomena, it does not stop believers from believing. So, it is a very compelling event.

Yes, I absolutely believe in phenomena. It's why I do what I do in spite of it not being popular amongst some people I know and making me seem like a "quack."

Enough things have occurred over a lifetime, that I have no doubt about phenomena, but what I'm willing to call phenomena is very limited because I may believe, but it is not blind faith (or in this case, mini-blind faith-har har).


  1. Mini-blind faith! HA! Classic! Watched a really interesting show this afternoon on NatGeo channel on paranormal investigating. Shoot, can't remember the name, but they were testing things scientifically at a prison and found that it was a awesome conductor of sound that although cannot be heard with our ears, our bodies can actually FEEL it. They had two groups, one that knew what was going on with the sound being "broadcast" and then another group who didn't know. The ones who didn't know FELT changes in themselves and in the prison. Depression, sadness and heaviness were some of the descriptions.

    Very interesting! The scientists surmised that some of the "hauntings" were actually sound related and NOT ghosts.

    Of course this pissed me off...but debunking is just as important as proving!

  2. Lil Sis;
    I saw that episode of paranatural too. Haha. They had to put it on while I was working, so I quit work for an hour just to watch. This is something Julie and I hope to cover in our book about spirit vessels. There are certain conditions that make an ideal haunting feel. I don't think they could possibly explain all the haunting features with just one explanation, but some of the unease and such would be understandable during a rainstorm. I think, as well, that stones are strangely wonderful at holding information. As a psychic, I find them to be intense magnets of emotions and info. Here's an example. I have a friend and as long as I've known him, he used a nickname. I wanted to know his first name, but I refused to use psychic means to discern it. For months, I would send him random emails with a list of men's names. Nope. It was none of them. Then, I was visiting him, we were having some relaxed casual time and he was showing me new rocks in his collection. He took a rock filled with copper and was holding it and playing with it and gave it to me and I turned it over and held it and then went to ask him a question and called him by his real name as if I always called him that. I didn't even realize I'd use his name and he looked rather stunned. I had come up with his name and it was because the copper stone held him fresh inside it.

  3. I'm learning about stones. I need to remember that they are excellent energy holders and "delivers" for all kinds of good things! I have a polished rose quartz rock about palm sized that I got the Beau last summer. I have taken it off the shelf, cleaned it with cold running water, and now have it sitting in the middle of the living room on the coffee table. It's properties of soaking up bad energy and emitting good energy is working much better now that it's out in the open. I can feel it! Maybe I'm wishful thinking, but it just doesn't seem as oppressive in this damn house that "SHE" lived in with him as it has in the past. I smudge too which helps.

  4. It's a nice use of rose quartz. I actually have a huge long basket that is filled to the brim with stones I've found, others that are semi-precious, seashells, metal symbols and all kinds of "finds" but I am really careful how they interact. As a psychometrist, I know I can create the wrong energy by mixing the wrong stuff. The basket sits a few feet from me while I write books. So far this year, I've published 3 books and am about to publish 2 more. I picked the right elements. Haha

  5. Ya think! LOL Yes, I am learning too about what items should and should not intermingle with each other! I am chomping at the bit for a HUGE amethyst geode for my/our place! The Urn that Brenda gifted me I want to use on an ancestral altar, but she said to see how it "reacts" once on display first! LOL Probably a good idea even though it is obviously a "salesman display sample" and no ashes have ever been in it. At least it seems that way. Unless of course the ashes were scattered. But she got it from an old funeral home so it's more than likely, 99.9% just a sample for display!

  6. Amethyst. I have some very large geods of it. They are particularly good for me when I'm wanting to set boundaries and be powerful. I'm not sure why, but I consider it my "empowerment" stone and my rose quartz is purely for when I'm feeling sickly. It's funny, but whenever someone I know or love has an issue, I write down their name and what I want for them, fold it up and put it under the appropriate feeling stone. I leave it there. The other day, I went through the basket and found ones that have been there for 8 months!

  7. Very well stated. Just because there's phenomena; doesn't mean it's of the paranormal variety. Bandura; I never had anything happen with that urn, either. But some would believe that simply because it came from a funeral home; it MUST be haunted!

  8. I don't believe in ghosts... Do they exist? Whatever but a well explained topic on ghosts and blinds.

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  10. It's a mystery what caused your window blinds to shudder. Were the windows open wide enough for a strong wind to enter? If not, I'd rather not think of any other reasons as to why that happened. Hehe. I've always been interested in paranormal and stuff. The world is filled with a lot of mystery, indeed. =)