Syfy's "Legend Quest" Reviewed

Last night was the first episode of the new Syfy Channel show "Legend Quest." I am soooo relieved to have something other than a GH/GHI show to watch on there. No, I didn't sit through repeats of GH or the new GHI (I'm not brain dead), but my active mind did appreciate the new show "Legend Quest." Y'all know how I promote "Adventure Sundays" on my blog and it's because I regularly at least twice a month or more go out and adventure in some way, exploring my world, asking questions, seeing new things, trying new things, puzzling at my universe.

It's the only way we feel like we're being a life instead of having a life. Okay, this may be my new phrase "Don't just HAVE a life, BE a life!"

Now, before anyone barks about the show, yes, I am aware that it was all too neat, too Indiana Jones meets Da Vinci Code. This is entertainment more than true research. I also know that Syfy sometimes reminds me of the stoners in high school. Because their assumptions go something like this: If getting stoned on pot is fantastic, then Ecstasy, cocaine, and shrooms must be even "awesomer, dude!" Hence GH spawned its bastard children GHI and GHA. Destination Truth is such a success that they made a stab at "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" which was a mediocre second, but now with "Legend Quest," they are satisfying our adventurous sides with wonder and excitement about our world instead of the Debbie-downer real-world "explainable phenomena" that FoF's soul-dead group applies. (Note to Syfy: Please rearrange the cast of FoF to 3 members and remember the creepy urban legend approach of viral videos. We want dark, we want X-Files, we want less mechanics and more mood. We want something like the Lone Gunman in X-Files--a team of nighttime traveling hermits who meet in their basement as if solving conspiracy theories.)

Now, I know that it's just too easy how Ashley goes from place to place with full access. Still, I'm an adventurer and seeker of knowledge and I'm also a woman who enjoys a beautiful man in khakis wielding a sword.

My favorite show? "Destination Truth." My second favorite show? "Finding Bigfoot" and my third is "Legend Quest." Hey Syfy, not bad! Two of my three favorite shows are on your channel.

Before you get cocky, Syfy programming folks, some of my least favorite shows exist on your channel too; Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, and Paranormal Collector (an absolutely bloody insult to our intelligence and our ethics and I vow to stop watching the channel if it is picked up again for another season or Zaffis gets any more shows on your channel).

Syfy, please keep up intelligent, thought-provoking, and interesting programming. If you want to get back to me for the ultimate reality show, please do so. I'm not hard to find. In the mean time, consider a Bigfoot hunting show. I seriously cannot get enough of people in the woods at night hearing stuff and interviewing witnesses. Everyone is afraid of the woods. Find yourself an outdoorsy explorer/tracker like Ashley and we'll be hooked watching a man alone in the woods living there, tracking the BF, living off the land, and becoming "one" with the big furry ape's homeland.


  1. I will be sure to check that out! :)

  2. Yup. It's on Wednesday nights after godawful GHI show.

  3. My 10 year old son is ALL about cryptozoology and legends and all that - can I tell you how many times I have seen every episode of "Monsterquest"? I could, but I don't remember. He saw that this show was coming on and we missed it last night due to circumstances beyond our control (nothing like a car accident to ruin your day), so he is very patiently waiting for the episode to be on demand. Hopefully sometime Friday. He could die from the anticipation! Glad to know its good.

  4. Oh, he is going to want to grow up and be Ashley, no doubt! I hope everyone is okay. I'm sure they will reshow it again to try and bring in new viewers.

  5. Did not hear about this. Will def check it out.

  6. Love Legend Quest - the best show on cable this summer by far!! HOT host Ashley has me hooked! So intelligent and different from the usual frat boys!
    Hope the network will give him the chance to mature into the show. His ratings could break records this season.
    Kinga Philipps role has still to be properly determined. Her chemistry with Ashley has clearly been dulled down. She is a talented beautiful girl (have seen her on many shows) and there is a definite role for her if she is given the chance. Overall Legend Quest is a great show! SyFy definitely know how to keep their audience entertained - especially us girls . . .

  7. Just tried to sit through an episode...if this is your idea of intelligent TV, then that's just sad. Cowie is a tool, just as Ben & Co and Josh are...pretending to be professionals, pretending tobe surprised and alarmed by completely fabricated events and "findings" SYFY entertains better when it doesn't take itself quite so seriously...MANSQUITO 2, anyone?


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