Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Soul Residue

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Every now and then, you’ll get a sort of spiritual look at ghost hunting from me. This is one of those times.

I would like to discuss the concept of “soul residue.” When I say “soul,” you can feel free to see it as the Biblical form that ascends to heaven, leaving the human body. You may also consider it the sum of all your intentions, your personal merit.

Let me lead you into a discussion about soul residue:

On shows like “Ghost Adventures” and “Ghost Hunters” you see teams entering prisons and asylums, shivering against the sensations of residual anguish, anger, pain, and isolation. Is it possible that souls can stain an environment, leave an imprint?

Have you ever felt something bad and dark when standing in a botanical garden? Ever stand before the Lincoln Memorial, stare up at the huge statue of Lincoln and break into hysterical laughter? Nope. Nope. Ever walk into someone’s home and immediately feel like you know them and their spirit? Ever wait in line at DMV and swear the building is devoid of humanity? Yup. Yup.

What’s the cumulative effect of souls on the environment?

Gut feelings, goosebumps for no reasons, a desire to flee a place or rush through it because it just feels “bad,” are all instincts based not on any of our mortal senses. Perhaps it is your soul recognizing the lingering remains of another soul or souls who passed by or inhabited that space.

I hear people often refer to someone having "a good soul," "a wise old soul," "a soulmate," "a tormented soul." Why do we have so many descriptions of a person beyond what they do for a living? Beyond how they appear? Beyond what they earn? Or how high their status is? What is this core part of human beings we searched beneath the exterior to discern? Is it their souls?

Have you ever met someone and said, “I just don’t trust him?” Or “I just don’t like him?” Or “I feel like I’ve known him forever?” Does our soul recognize other souls even before we notice mannerisms, voice tones, word choices, clothing?

The concept of souls leaving a residue is one that intrigues me. As someone psychically sensitive, I often times make snap decisions based on those senses that tell me someone is genuine or fake, even when they can be quite convincing in appearance and voice. When probed further about why I don’t trust the newly introduced person, I shrug and say, “I can’t put my finger on it, but I just don’t trust him.” This is perhaps my sense of how their souls fit or don't fit them...

Some people fit their souls like a custom tailored suit. We refer to them as wise, authentic, compassionate, and “comfortable in their own skin.” Others, flop around in their souls, not knowing its boundaries, making decisions based on ego rather than inherent deep-seated wisdom because they cannot discern its presence. Yet others are pinched by its restraints, causing them to use addictive behaviors to stave off their consciences.

I love the saying, “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” The soul carries the contents of the human experience from childhood wonder to trust, hope, dreams, love, compassion, strength, resilience, and honor. Even when someone does not learn trust growing up, he can store it in his soul. It is that part of us that says “I will model it and then I will become it.”

I’d love to hear your input, as always. I wonder how many of you believe it’s possible for the soul to leave a residue that we can sense, that our souls recognize other souls and their content. BTW, I am incredibly blessed to have followers who read my babblings regularly and fit their souls like custom suits. It has not gone unnoticed.


  1. Hey you... I read a comment on "Wine and Word's" blog yesterday that caused me to stop and think... (how scary is that?!?!)

    Anyway, it was about change, and his comment was along the lines of how we possibly 'die' every night when we go to bed... and how we may have changed over the night. I know over time, we change a lot.

    I think we can think the same about our physical death, and how we can cross paths with signals from our pasts.

    My Grand Mother Brown died in January, 1929. Dad told me of some changes he wanted made to her headstone... I promised to fix them. Some years after Dad had died, I went to take care of this, and when I saw her grave... her headstone, I just burst out crying.

    I've never experienced this before at the graves of any deceased person that I never knew.

    My reaction that day fits what you describe in your post, and causes me to wonder if I am the reincarnation of my Grand Mother Brown.

    I love your babblings and ramblings... :oD

    What does that say about me?


  2. Hi Sis,
    Well, because I am sensitive too, I have to say whether it's soul residue or just energy, I fully believe it lingers and also believe it can be sensed like you said, when you meet someone and even though they seem nice and on the up-n-up, there is just something unsettling about them.

    I am not a good person right now to ask about this because I am a basket case due to residual energy and other crap. All I know is I can feel it and am smudging daily and usually twice a day.

    Bad energy is the worst!

    OH, thanks by the way for your energies. I'll email you later...I need to talk!

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  4. I get feelings like that all the time at work. Seeing as I work in an operating room of a level one trauma center this should be no surprise. I used to work with a very nice lady who passed away a few years ago in our emergency room. At her funeral, right at the saddest point you could imagine, the song "Spirit in the Sky" played (her request) and you had to smile because you could see her dancing and smiling. When I am in my office the copy machine will turn on by itself, doors open and close...things of that nature. Every time that happens I hear that song on my way home from work and know it was her. There are also scary things that happen in the ORs where the most traumas go - a lot of electrical problems. Security also gets calls about a little boy in a hospital gown running through the halls. I've seen him out of the corner of my eye...he died here about 15 years ago. I could go on and on....

  5. These stories are amazing and Red, you might have been feeling the residual grief that had been left there at the grave by your father and others who went there and grieved. I feel it sometimes when I stop by a grave with fresh flowers, which is the emotional/soul residue that remains. Melanie--that is really amazing and it does make you wonder a lot. Julie and I are doing some studies on why certain buildings are haunted and others are not. I worked in two ERs and one had issues, the other had none. We're checking out the physical factors of these places to see if they have a consistency in geology/leylines/construction, and other components.

  6. That's a great point about the residual grief... Very interesting!!! Thank you for that insight!!


  7. I definitely feel like there's a Soul Residue left.

    My one friend and I have been really close ever since Day 1. It was one of those "I'm going to the mall... I can pick you up and we can hang out there" "Ok!" and the minute she got in my car, it was definitely like I've known her for EVER. We were instantly that close.. And it was like we didn't even have to ask each other about certain things, we kind of just knew...
    I'm convinced we were like... Sisters in a past life or something...

    I also have really strong feelings when I first meet people. I feel like I can tell right away if they're trust-worthy, or like-able. My one friend has introduced me to a bunch of people, and I've been dead on about who turns out to be a deadbeat and who's worth effort.
    I.e.; One guy she introduced me to I just got a really bad feeling about. I just really didn't like him, and did everything I could to push him away. Wanted nothing to do with him. I lost contact with my friend for a little, but we just started talking again and she's like "Yeah he's been doing molly (new form of MDMA or something...) almost every night and he's just gone REALLY down hill"

    I've also been told by countless people that I have an Old Soul and such... And I get strange feelings about certain things... I feel like it's my soul recognizing something. I was actually in that Half asleep, but not...stage the other day, and there was a really soft rain, and suddenly I had a REALLY vivid image come in my mind with a sense of "mine" of a bedroom from like.. the 1800's. I could even smell the rain, the Balcony door was wide open, and there was the soft rain there too. /shrugs.

    That's my little tidbit :-)

  8. I'm not surprised Soraya,dear, you ARE a wise old soul.

  9. I have those feelings all the time when i meet people or just pass them in the street, only recently i had a psychic reading who picked up psychic residue in me!, well it all turned out to be that i had 3 spirits in me.. and thankfully she got rid of them, i know this was true as i had a whispering sound in my head, it got worse jus before she contacted me, the awful thing is that i had them for about 5 years, so i think i had just got used to them, ugh, i no longer have the whiperings, but funny enough feel quite drained still. I'm always told that i have psychic skills by psychics themselves and i know this too, i just have to know how to protect myself from this hapening ever again,ugghh