Thursday, July 14, 2011

Slaughterhouse: Scary Reads!

Caution: Near the end of this, there is a mummified puppy in a blanket and a torn apart goat. So, if you have a weak stomach, this video and tales that go along with it, might not be that pleasant...

This building in the desert was amazing and the energy from the place was all wrong--because it was a combination of the past and the present, both equally unsettled. Locals called it the slaughterhouse because the man who owned it would slaughter animals in the barn.

We wandered around the site and I just had to get a read on it because, well, you know me and abandoned sites, like in Julie and I's book "Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)" we just had to get photos and a read. We were lucky enough to have a woman present who knew something of the history, so I did the read, without looking at her for confirmation or awaiting a response. I spoke until I had all I could gather expressed and then she told me the history.

My read went like this: There was a man not from that place, who came there and built this stately place to show off his standing. There was a young beautiful Spanish woman who was there and acted like a wife would, with wifely duties and responsibilities. There were also other families living there and the man had been married more than once.

Her history on the place was:
A man came there from somewhere else and built the stately place to show off his standing. He had a thing for young beautiful women and as soon as he finished with one who got some age on her, he brought in another.

I wandered around to the outbuilding where there was much information. A man stood in one small room and drank beer, shot his shotgun out the window and pissed in the corner. He came there often. The room was filled with the debris of broken bottles and spent shell casings and the lingering odor of piss.

Another room, no one wanted to go inside of. Inside the doorway was a mummified puppy in a blanket. I pivoted on my feet and looked back at the doorway from inside the room and a scene unfolded with a young woman and 3 men, drugs, and something that got out of control. The woman was hysterical and wanted to leave, she paced outside, and sobbed. She never came back and would not speak of it. It broke them apart.

There was also a goat out back on the ground and had been scavenged. I read the jaw bone and knew the animal died instantly and not there. It was dumped there after being killed, but it had not suffered.

This site was very unsettling and the energy there was dark and so many different types that it overlapped and was confusing. I'm not sure wind, rain or weather will wear away the slaughterhouse's memories.

The bones of the house building had much melancholy amongst women and children associated with it and a stern man who to me looked a bit like a Mormon; tall, slender, with a stoic expression.

This place will haunt me for some time. I'm sure at night it comes alive with some locals haunting it more than anyone who lived there...

On a happier note, you know how I love to take a doll or stuffed animal from abandoned sites? Here's Slaughterhouse Bear--cleaned up and happily living with the other dolls


  1. very interesting, yet disturbing. does the stuffed animal i will "blu b" have any ears?

  2. dangit, i need to proof my post "call" is missing.

  3. I can only imagine how creepy that place is at night...

  4. That place was seriously disturbed and I wouldn't want to be there at night with the folks that come there that nighttime from time to time. It's near farm land and the edge of town, so very isolated feeling. The bear does have ears, but they are kind of pushed back, giving him a surprised look. Haha

  5. That was excellent and right on the money as to what the Slaughterhouse is about. It is a very creepy place but for some reason it seems to draw my curiosity. It was amazing how your readings went right along with the stories that I have been told. Travis and I both love how you presented this. Thanks again for sharing that day with us. "Hugs"

  6. Cool but dismal place! I didn't watch the video. The Goat wouldn't bother me as it was obviously mostly bones, but a mummified puppy in a blanket. Makes my heart sink. I just hope he/she passed in it's sleep and without suffering.

    I'd be surprised if you DON'T get some activity off of your newly found blue friend! He looks happy enough. Hopefully he belonged to a child who was also innocent and happy.

  7. OMG, that place had a weird vibe to it. It does require a night visit to see if we see the shadow figures, apparitions, and hear all the strange noises our friends experienced there.

  8. Shella; you are such a wonderful person. This is why I love blogging, getting a chance to meet so many good-hearted, intelligent and interesting folks. Your family is just beautiful. You are many times blessed and we are blessed for getting to meet a new friend!

  9. It's cool to hear from other fans of Autumn's work!

  10. Thanks for the virtual tour. Really enjoy getting to see these places. I appreciate the work you are putting into this and what you are putting yourself through. You are a very giving person.

    I don't think I could have handled seeing the puppy up close like that....would have been too much.

    Enjoy your adventure.


  11. reading from the stuffed toy?

  12. The stuffed toy I took because it was new to the location and still had a kid's very pleasant read on it, so it was a positive bear. Probably the happiest of all my abandoned collection toys.

  13. Great video! I would definitely like to revisit that place with you guys, I am craving a road trip.

  14. We're hitting it again on August 25th (Thursday). Let me know. We're taking outfits and zombie makeup to do a Halloween zombie shoot there. A photographer on hand would be nice. :-)

  15. I have been told that this place has been leveled. Is this true? I am heading to Az. very soon.

    1. Last time I was there was about a year ago and there was an indigent still living in it with his dogs. He was not pleased when folks came near. He had hung a pirate flag from the barn where he had set up a home on the top floor. I am surprised if they leave it standing, but without permission from owners, I would think that the city couldn't just level it. It's in the middle of nowhere basically.