Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sea Monsters and Haboobs!

Tonight at 9 pm on Discovery Channel, the stars from "Deadliest Catch" are in the Bering Sea in search of a sea monster called "Cadborosaurus." Sounds interesting and I do love my cryptids.

We had another haboob last evening. Oh, hell, I'm talking about a dust storm. I filmed this video (below) from the back patio. Don't worry, I've already had valley fever. What's that? A nasty fungal sickness that hits people who inhale the spores carried by the storm. It gives you a nasty almost mono-like illness that makes you sick and coughing and weak as a kitten for some time. For some people, it disseminates and hits other organs and they have to be on antifungal drugs for life. For a few, it kills them. Just another reason why I love living in this big fucking dustbowl! It's so pathetic that sand is considered a weather condition.


  1. That was some crazy weather we had yesterday. You got most of the dust and we got the rain.

  2. LII; Nope. It's fucking conservative in AZ, but I'd stay here over Idaho any day! And that's pretty sad cause I am not a desert gal, but I dont' want to be up to my ass in snow and M*&RM$Ns.

    It better freaking rain today. Maybe on the next ghost hunt we'll have more luck. Our destination seems to be getting nearly daily storms.

  3. LMBO @ Lost.In.Idaho!!

    Was that one of your posts, Autumn, where someone alluded to maybe UFO activity causing those dust storm events? I did read that somewhere...


  4. I saw some video of a supposed UFO near a dust storm. I'm not kidding when I say, I don't remember what rain is. I think the last rain I witnessed was in the wintertime. It's pathetic and I SOOOOO do not belong here!

  5. I can't imagine walking outside and taking a deep breath and feeling sand enter my lungs. The very thought of it sounds horrible. Thank you for the heads on the discovery program I,ll actually be home to watch it.

  6. Yeah...I am gonna stop bitching about it being all humid and Africa hot here. Also, DVRed the show....hoping to watch it tomorrow!