Thursday, July 28, 2011

QUIZ: Which Horror Killer Would You Be?

It's quiz time again, my darlings. You know the drill. Count your a's, b's and c's and see which one you get the most of. If you end up with 2, 2 and 1, look at that 1 and pick your second choice on that question so you can tip the scales.

1. In high school, I tended to be...
a. Easily overlooked, going under the radar.
b. Intelligent and ahead of the game.
c. Simmering angry and an outcast.

2. In bed, I like to...
a. Stay focused and hit it hard for that orgasm.
b. Tease and taunt, draw it out until my partner is begging.
c. It's usually pretty awkward. I don't think I'm all that talented.

3. If I got a new dog, I'd probably choose...
a. A rottweiler.
b. A German Shepherd.
c. A Chihuahua.

4. At a haunted attraction, I most like...
a. Being chased by a guy with a chainsaw.
b. Finding my way through the maze in the dark.
c. Things jumping out at me unexpectedly.

5. If I were going to kill someone, I'd probably...
a. Come right at them with my weapon.
b. Find a way to stage an accident.
c. Lash out in an angry moment and go berserk.

Okay, now count your a's, b's and c's and scroll down to find out which horror killer you could be...

a. Michael Myers
b. Jigsaw
c. Carrie


  1. Myers.
    I'm kinda disappointed. That dude isn't scary.

  2. Well, you don't have to be him, you can just kill like him. I'm sure you could put your own twist on that stalker/killer silent-type slasher. See, I'm an optimist even when it comes to serial killers.

  3. HN;
    Seriously, dude, that's the killer that most horrified me. At least Michael would off you quickly but Jigsaw would make you kill yourself basically.

  4. Not very difinitive:

    2 parts Michael Meyers
    2 parts Jigsaw
    1 part Carrie

    Perhaps that just makes me versatile?

  5. Bubba; You'd have to relook at that Carrie answer and see if your second choice in that category was MM or JS.

  6. Puzzling....I came up Jigsaw. Must have been question #2.

  7. Jigsaw, borderling Meyers. BTW... Did you notice that was my Walmart pic on Dr. Heckle today?

  8. Really? the blow-up doll? Hee hee

  9. I scored straight B's through the whole test.

    Want to play a game?

  10. Aaron, you're creeping me out, buddy. Just don't put anything in my eye socket, please.

  11. Jigsaw... Ooooo... In my opinion he is one of the most talented killers out there!

  12. hmmm Mr. Myers for me. Well I do like wearing masks so I can see that.

  13. SD77;
    You wear a Michael Myers mask and I can tell you, you'd get lucky with me. I don't know what it is about that mask...

  14. See people masks are the best. lol.