Sunday, July 24, 2011

Psychic Perspective on Time

How do psychics read the past, present and future? Well, here's what it's like:

A woman is driving in a car to the store to get some milk. A man stands along the roadway and sees her car coming. So far, she hasn't arrived yet and will be part of his future. As she passes him, she is in his present. As she drives away, she is in his past.

As the driver in the car, she can look into her rear view mirror and see where she was, look out the windshield and see where she is going, but the entire event is present-time to her perspective. It is one event; she is going to the store.

As a psychic, my perspective is like the driver of the car. To most people, their past, present and future are separated by mental walls that neatly (like a photo album) cut their lives into pieces that must be retrieved. The man on the roadside looked down the road and sees no car yet (his future) and watches it pass (his present) and when the car is out of sight (his past); it is gone to “another place” and is now tucked in his memories.

To a psychic, it's all present, all here, all part of the experience, constantly right there in the glass and the mirror and within the car. The sense of time during a reading is not relevant in the least.


  1. Very interesting. I understand more on how you see things.

  2. Scary looking through my looking glass, huh?

  3. Your looking glass would be more fun with a pair of beer goggles or xray specs.

    I love this explanation. It makes sense, when you think of it in a relativistic way.

  4. Brilliant insight! You always know how to amaze me with your writings. :)

  5. Y'all are too good to me. I hope to shed light this year into some things people wonder about. I'm going to be doing a series of people with alternative lifestyles too. I want to learn about things that don't usually get light shed on it.

  6. Thanks Jeff. I think most folks see time from a motionless spot when really we're gliding along with it.