Tuesday, July 5, 2011

POE: Now On This Blog

I started a blog a while back for our team, POE (Paranormal Observation & Experimentation). I considered for a time why I was running a separate blog for things of a paranormal nature and decided I would move all of POE's posts to this blog and close down that blog. So, if you noticed, there is now a tab at the top of the blog for "POE." All posts from the blog are there.

Our team has many things planned. Three of us will be at a meeting next Tuesday in Tucson which I will be reporting on for the subject of new theories in EVP.

The end of this month, we'll be on a two-night ghost hunt which I will be reporting on and trying out some interesting experiments including a Devil's Box. I am hoping to go over some ghost hunting theories and discuss experiments and equipment and share these things with you on a more personal video basis so you can feel as though you are along on the hunts. I really want to give you a feel for our curious sojourns.

In September we have planned a Bigfoot hunt and possibly in October a UFO hunt.

I will be reporting all of these here on the blog with the title POE on the posts and they will also be found under the tab for later reference. I'm very excited about the upcoming projects and I really can't wait to be in the forest in autumn! Yes, Autumnforest in an autumn forest. Bliss!

Yes, Julie and I have another blog for our upcoming book "Kickin' Up Dust! (Getting Lost to Find Ourselves). Check it out. There will be entries in there about the crazy road trips and pics from these places, as well as some background about what they were like.


  1. thats so cool that you run your own group! :D

  2. We all run it together-no real leader. It like it that way. We can all toss concepts and experiment ideas into the mix. In fact, I'm going to be writing soon about a tool we're going to test out on the next hunt. A very weird tool.

  3. I will have the link on my blog changed to your POE tab.