Netflix Instant Watch: Ghost Themes

Paranormal State TV show I like to call "Paranoid State." If you like hocus pocus ghost hunting and enjoyed "The Exorcist," you'll like it.

Paranormal: Haunts and Horror Yahoo, something new to check out. I can't get enough of paranormal conjecture and shows.

The Legend of Hell House One of the best of the haunted house/investigative team movies ever. The book it's based on is fantastic too.

Ghost Story A classic with big-named actors telling of a past situation in which a group of privileged young men created a ghost that will torment them. Beautiful movie.

Ghost Adventures What can I say? I can't get enough of my Zak-attacks. I love when this big dufus is taunting the ghosts. It's pure fun!

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  1. Love this movie , but not liking Netflix to much right now.
    They have changed the price plans .
    Now that's scary.

  2. oh netflix, you are awesome! :D

  3. I'm actually going to not cover Netflix anymore. I'm getting rid of my subscription. I honestly don't have the time to hook up my computer to my TV and watch movies and with them rising the prices, it's not worth it when I have a great movie collection I never watch and digital cable. Netflix knows it has people by the scrotum with video stores closed. They are going to force people not to get the no-mail DVDs by making the instant watch queue a piece of crap. I don't like monopolies or nasty playing. It used to be easy to pay $8 a month for movies when you want them, but I wouldn't pay more than that. They're going to lose a lot of customers.

  4. I just lowered my sub. on Netflix to $7.99, and no dvd's in the mail.
    I can live with it , I like the old horror movies. I read it was coming for awhile now since Sony ,and Stars are in talks to pull out completely . I get my new stuff on VUDU
    There is always Crackle for free movies also. They have some great horror on it as well.

  5. Celine;
    Thanks for the heads-up. I should do a post just about how to get free horror online. Jeez! I just took myself off Netflix. I couldn't justify it when I have digital cable, a huge movie collection and in the past 2 months I watched 2 movies on Netflix. Yikes!


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