Monday, July 18, 2011

My Blogger Female Role Models

Earlier today, I did a post on my blogger crushes. Now, let me talk a bit about my female role models in the blog world.

My mother was a gentle creature, but she was also not fond of intimacy. In fact, this is the closest you would ever see the two of us and that was purely to pose for a camera. She could not be bothered with noisy children, cuts and bruises, emotional issues. She lived in her own magical world, teaching art and diving into history books and records to study genealogy and the history of Aspen Grove. She didn't have much of an upbringing herself and was jostled around, so I think she just never formed such connections.

As an adult, I've found a tribe of women to admire and to feel part of the female culture. I had been quite a tomboy and then when I modeled and did pageants, the women in my world were highly competitive with one another. In the blog world, however, there are lots of women who root for each other and help each other succeed.

Here's my list of blogger role models:

Random Girl on “It's On Random” I'm just happy when I go to her fun and quirky horror/craft-loving blog. I sometimes feel like I should bring a feather pillow and some jammies for a happy sleepover.

Julie at "Above-the-Norm" has truly earned the title "big sister." I have never met a woman quite like her and I admire her more than I can express, which is also why I drag her around on my crazy road trip jaunts, ghost hunts, and write books with her. She's an easygoing total blast.

"Little Gothic Horrors" is definitely like my edgy tomboyish, horror-loving, fun blogging buddy. I feel like with her, I could dress up and do a zombie walk and probably wear the costume to and from the event, just to unsettle the drivers on the road.

Bandhura at "The Digital Looking Glass" I like to call my baby sis. She is a feisty and big-hearted southern gal who has a deliciously macabre love of all things mortuary and cemetery. She is the one you tell your big secrets to.

Jaz at "Octoberfarm" would get the title of mother I wish I had. You come into her comfortable blog, see her cook amazing things and meander through the garden with her lovely dog, Teddy, and you just want to curl up on the sofa and awaken to the smell of fresh bread baking and know you're safe and sound.

Seek the Sun at "Memento Mori" is an insightful delight. Her poetry is positively inspiring and I find myself connecting with her as a human being and not just a poet.

Courtney at "Haunt Jaunts" has been a long-time sister in the blog world and I admire her as both a writer, blogger and human being. Can it get any better than this holy trinity?

"A Daft Scots Lass" reminds me where I get my redheaded sassiness, from mother's Fraser clan.

Women, you did not go unnoticed by this crazy gal. I am sister, mother, daughter, friend, cohort, troublemaker, confidant with many of you and I strive to live up to the standards you have emulated for me. I very much needed female role models and you have all filled that position beautifully.


  1. Oh my Gosh I'm sitting here crying! You are so sweet to think of me that way! I too did not have a Mom who was in the least bit a nurturer. She is who she is and I have, for the most part, finally excepted that she's not going to be the kind of "Mom" my friends have. I am so glad I met you and you are my long-lost big sis that has to keep me straight when I get a little nuts!

    I love ya Big Sis! I mean that!


  2. Lil Sis, you're the real deal. We can fill in for each other the things we didn't get. No one gets the ideal family or parents. Role models are chosen, not born. So, we've been lucky to pull from the blog world those whom we want to emulate.

  3. What can I say but Courtney gave me ice cream and Julie gave me candy, honey, and toys!

  4. You won one of my contests too--naming Skittles! Haha Yup, they are sweet sweet sweet women. I am so proud to hang with them.

  5. I will be sure to check out some of these other gal bloggers! :)

  6. Oh, Autumnforest... this is incredibly touching! You are a sweetheart!! I love your blog and I'm so happy to be getting to know you. I have always felt like a bit misfit and it is kind of extraordinary to me that the blogging world has introduced me to the sort of people I've always hoped were out there somewhere... like you.

  7. LGH;
    I know what you mean, sweets. I found my tribe when I started blogging. I'm in a very conservative state and a very conservative neighborhood and I have never fit in as a tall gal with red hair amongst the tiny bitty little blond trophy wives. My ideas and my interests freak people out. I had to go online to find y'all. So glad I did! I'm not weird, I'm just amongst a very special crowd of rare and precious beings like yourself.

  8. Yes, "tribe" is the perfect word! (I meant to say, "a bit of a misfit"... I was all a flutter over your kind words!) That is a beautiful photograph of you and your mother, by the way! The way you are able to stand back and observe your mother as a real human being, and put aside all the inevitable family/relationship baggage is really inspiring!!

  9. She didn't mean any harm. She really was a gentle creature, just not very social and a bit self conscious around others. I believe in treating people like one would try to tame a wild creature, a little hand extended, lots of time to earn the trust. Some of us are more damaged along the way and have less reason to trust. You just make a safe haven and either they come in and warm by your fire or they circle your camp and feel less alone for the light.

  10. Thank you so much for the Shout Out! I'm truly flattered. I always wonder if anyone out there really reads my drivel.

  11. Great list of ladies. I am proud to be on it... thanks.

  12. Daft; Keep driveling my redheaded-sis. By being you, you draw them in like moths to your flame hair.

    Big sis; you always belong on the most elite guest lists, dear.

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