Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Alien Encounter???

In all my times of recounting stories of the encounters with the paranormal that I've had and the few UFO sightings, I've hesitated to share something that confuses me to this day and shakes the very foundation of my logical Virgo side and my fairly impressive IQ level--alien grays.

About 15 years ago, I sought out a hypnotherapist. The hypontherapist took me through regression perhaps six or seven times. It's an interesting process in which one has no sense of time. When I would come out of it, she would ask me how long I'd been under and I'd say, "15 minutes?" She's turn to the clock and 2 hours had passed! If a phone would ring, I would hear the sound, but in no way would my mind say, "that's a telephone, who's going to answer it?" In regression, I wandered around my elementary school and my home and yard from my childhood with amazing clarity.

At one point, however, she had me go back in my childhood years and to my bedroom. I had forgotten that around the ages of 5 or 6 I had this one bedroom on the end. She told me to look around the room and I did. I turned over in bed and saw between the bed and the wall, perhaps 6 feet away an alien gray, classically so. Except, he had some sort of decorative dark piece on his forehead of dark stones and it looked rather like it was attached to his forehead, but meant as some sort of sign of importance. Behind him on either side were tall slender beings. I had a sense of them, but didn't ever look up at them, but they felt like bodyguards of a sort.

I couldn't stop staring at the alien. I had absolutely no fear at all, but I seemed to know his intentions as if I could read him without words. I had a sense he was saying goodbye and I wouldn't see him again. I also got a strong sense from him that I was some sort of prodigy or student, someone rather unusual and rare. I felt something inside me brace because I also felt he was letting me know that I would have many trials ahead of me and a lot of sadness, but I also felt that he knew I was going to rise above it. His belief in me was humbling and I knew that I was very honored to be in his presence. I didn't recall how he left or how it ended.

The hypnotherapist didn't ask me what was in the room or to describe it and so I said nothing. I probably didn't flinch because I wasn't surprised or scared by his presence. When the session was over, I said nothing and went home, but canceled my next appointment and never went back. The very logical part of me realized that if I could make this up in hypnosis, then anything I get in that state is inaccurate. I put it away and thought, "hypnosis and regression is total hooey."

I do not believe in UFOs from other planets nor do I believe in alien grays. I would be more inclined to believe in time travel or interdimensional travel. It wasn't until recently when I felt open to talk to a few people close to me about this encounter that I realized I might have missed out on exploring something very vital to my very essence. I'm an inquisitive person, but would not let myself explore this unanswered puzzle. I encountered ghostly things as a child and it had me asking questions as an adult, but this strange encounter because it was recalled in hypnosis, I dismissed.

I have no memory of an alien in my room and yet every other detail of the regression was amazingly accurate, down to where I left my pile of clothing in my room that I never put away and had forgotten about that nook where I dumped things. I remembered the princess canopy bed I had which I had forgotten about in my waking moments.

So, why did this one scene to me negate the entire hypnosis session? Because it was so preposterous, I was humiliated that I even "thought" it.

What would it mean if there was credence to this encounter? That I'm now one of those flocks of abductees? I can negate it just as easily by the fact that I've had problems with sleep paralysis and night terrors my whole life and the night terrors with a horror so raw and so primal that my heart goes racing and I scream and thrash and feel more horror that any event could ever produce on a person's psyche. So, Mr. Alien With a Forehead Jewel can be negated by the very fact that it was recalled in bed.

Still, this one produced no paralysis and no terror. It was unlike any of the other night disturbances I've ever had.

Strangely too, when I look back at that moment of peering at him and knowing what he's "telling" me, I feel a kinship as if he were my parent and I was comforted to see him once again. I would compare it to Mr. Miyagi and the Karate Kid kind of relationship. He was a mentor and parental, but mostly the sense that I got from him that he believed in me unquestioningly made me feel a pit inside of me of pure grit and determination. I feel that pit sometimes tighten when I know I have to face more trials and I also feel a wash of security as I felt in that encounter, that I am more than prepared for whatever comes my way. That, somehow, HE prepared me for this venture called "human life."

Do I believe in alien abductions as literal events and grays and UFOs from other planets? Hell no! I still don't believe in it. Is there, perhaps, a God for us that leaves His image in our mind like a secret photo album to open up upon occasion and gaze into the face of our Maker? I'd be more likely to believe that and that is why so many people have the universal encounter with a large gray-headed being--it's something in our native brain that recalls a secret tucked away in our very DNA, perhaps that mitochondrial "Eve" that scientists speak of.

I should have made this piece a part of my mind fuck series, but seriously even I am shaking my head at sharing this because if flies against everything I've ever believed and I don't take it literally and yet it still holds enough "truth" to it to ring a bell inside of me. It says a lot that I even share it because I seriously had enough trouble admitting being synesthetic, having facial amnesia, being psychic or having encountered ghostly phenomena, but to add this to the mix just makes it even murkier and I'm not a person who at all likes the "woo woo" explanations for stuff.

Thus far, the oddities about my abilities I attribute to deficiencies in brain pathways and in some cases, like being psychic, overdeveloped pathways in other parts of my brain, but this "remembered" encounter is not something I can pull out and observe and use and hold and understand. This is something that was fleeting and so out of place in the middle of a very normal regression.

It was like, "here's your bed and your nubby bedspread your forgot about, the creak of the old box springs, the shadows of the moonlight on the roll down shades, the worn rug on the hard wood floor that kept your toes warm when you got up in the morning and, oh, yes the alien standing between you and the doorway."

Well, kiddies, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I'm reporting a regression "memory" and I am not in any way saying it really happened or I believe it happened, but for a blog where I discuss a helluva lot of theories and knock around some crazy things, I figured throwing out my most crazy thing of all might just open new discussions.


  1. and me watching the x-files in a marathon... we are not alone, we might just by ourselves, but not alone...

    thank you for sharing your words.

  2. I have yet to see any UFO's but I know they are out there! :)

  3. Well, at least there was a bodyguard feel about them. It would still spook me out.

    As long as it rings a bell in you, I don't think it matters what anyone else thinks.
    (You said "hooey", tee hee.)

  4. Hooey is a good word. I don't believe it happened, but I also know that in the hypnotic state, I didn't feel the least bit concerned. Imagine if you were hypnotized to see a childhood room and recalled things you had forgotten about it and every detail is so real and then you turn and see Fred Flintstone. Would you react? Well, in the hypnotic state, I had been crying about events and showing some fear and reticence about some events, so why didn't I react to the alien? That still sits weird with me.

  5. Thank you for sharing this memory with us, your strong minded attitude and devotion to your beliefs area tribute to you as a person.

  6. Someone once wrote about the possibility of aliens from other planets... and the time it would take to travel to our planet from those that might be considered capable of supporting Life... and the time period is staggering.

    I would be more likely to believe some kind of dimensional travel/time travel/ or even the possibility of teleportation.

    Have you watched any of the series on The History Channel... 'Ancient Aliens?'

    Now, talk about something that will cause one to think!!!


  7. Shoes-I love Ancient Aliens! I used to completely ignore alien/UFO shows like a snob. It wasn't until the last several years when I witnessed unexplainable UFOs that I began to wonder what we're dealing with. I got hooked on UFO Hunters (Great show!) and then saw Ancient Aliens and was impressed. You know me, anything that makes me wonder and ask questions is a dream. My ultimate goal in life has always been to make documentaries about the paranormal and so I'm addicted to anything with a conjecture format. Some day, I will need to readdress this "issue" and be hypnotized again and get a look at whether it shows up again or was a fluke.

  8. Hmmmm....before your session, do you remember reading or seeing a show or talking about aliens? Had you and a friend been discussing them for shits and giggles?

    Then again my dear Sis, people do not like to believe in things they cannot explain! You can't explain this....however, does that necessarily mean it wasn't true? Something to ponder!

  9. I wish I could say that pop culture affected me, but honestly I had never taken an interest in the UFO/alien thing and thought it was totally stupid--all military craft. I wasn't into watching shows and things about aliens at all. In fact, I tended to turn the channel. I didn't have time for "nonsense." So, for this to show up and for me to not even flinch or question it in the hypnotic state was odd. I had reacted to other stimuli in the hypnotic state, but in this case, I didn't even bat an eye and the mental connection, amount of information for the amount of time I looked at this creature, was amazing. It was as if all the info was downloaded to my brain like a computer's time frame. Crazy shit. The thing is, I can still see that creature and the way it stared at me so intently and the glimmer of the tall slender beings beside and behind him. They were rather translucent seeming almost, pale and bare. I remember, however, the thing on his forehead got me distracted because I knew it meant something of importance. Years later, I look back at it and realize that he was a classic gray but I have yet to hear anyone else describe a gray with a "head dress."

  10. Well if greys did exist, even though it's commonly thought they might be from another planet, does that necessarily mean they are? Maybe they aren't. Maybe they are interdimensional. Or maybe they come from underground bases. Maybe if you thought of it like that, you could believe it? But you could be right...maybe they don't exist at all except in peoples imagination.

  11. Jeff;
    That's what really baffles me the most is the concept of grays. I mean, why do we all see this same thing on a sort of primeval level? Shouldn't we be seeing human abductors or even Bigfoot? Why grays? I think it's very interesting, especially because when I get night terrors, all I see is a large gray face inches from mine, studying me closely and I scream and thrash and my heart pounds furiously with the most primitive fear a human can ever have. If night terrors can happen in interrupted stages of sleep shifting from one level to another, then somewhere in our brain, we may be programmed to see this face. But why? As I said, perhaps our God left his imprint in our very brain structures, a sort of family memory.

  12. I grew up in the San Luis Valley of SW Colorado. This area is known for its strange phenomena - UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, Bigfoot sightings. I had horrible night terrors as a child as did my sister who is 10 years older than me. We both grew up in the same house. We both also remember two beings who used to be outside our outside our bedroom window at night. And no, it wasn't someone peeping in the window - we lived in a very small town & something like that would've been hard to keep a secret. I can still remember 'seeing' a strange looking being leaning over my bed at night & me being absolutely paralyzed with fear. Aliens or Inter-dimensional beings? I don't know...
    I am also wondering how many people who have experienced night terrors also have some sort of psychic ability.....

  13. Jeanne;
    Very universal thing and happens more than people think. In fact, they recently did a study and found out that in Mexico they have a very unusually high amount of sleep paralysis and night terrors amongst the people--interesting since they also have more UFO sightings. My night terrors and paralysis have always had to do with beings with large gray heads leaning over me. In one of the scenarios, there were 4 of them carrying me across my yard as a kid. Very weird. There has to be something in the way we visualize things in dream state that creates this alien gray scenario--something implanted in our minds or perhaps a strange distortion of visuals when in that stage of sleep.