Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lu-cy! What's That Redhead Up To?

It's not my intention to cause problems and get into trouble. I'm just a "galloping puppy," as many of my friends refer to me. We can be driving along the roadway and make a joke about something and I stop and turn around and go back to the location to do the very thing we kidded about. I figure, "why just think it, when you can do it?"

Sure, I got my son and I locked in a cemetery once, got myself trapped in one with a couple of drinking boys parked near my car, explored some abandoned places and the woods in the dark alone and got myself into sticky situations. I've been chased by bees and squatters and coyotes, but those are the things you remember, right?

A friend dared me to do a video in my belly dancing scarf and I have trouble ignoring dares made by boys (it's a tomboy throwback), so I did it--but on my terms--no belly dancing music!

I've wandered a hotel in my tiny bitty pajamas in search of a room I saw in a psychic vision and got found by an elevator filled with men getting off on that floor. I've gotten caught in a cemetery after dark by the guard and had to find a sneaky excuse to go fetch my recording device left on a grave. I've had to come up with excuses on the spot for just about anything I get caught doing that I shouldn't be doing. To my credit, I normally have a camera handy to capture my insanity and I end up looking like a curious look-see tourist.

Somehow, my dear friend, sidekick and co-author Julie puts up with me, kind of being an Ethel to my Lucy.

Oh, and on a very cool note--we have an upcoming ghost hunt. Our team will be getting an abandoned prison to ourselves for a study. Expect some amazing things. The last time I was there, I saw a full-body apparition.

In fact, we have some upcoming antics that we'll be posting about as we prepare for the release of our book "Kickin' Up Dust (Getting Lost to Find Ourselves)" about how we made a blogging friendship a real-life friendship, changed our lives 180 degrees, went ghost hunting, had insane experiences, and explored our state's creepiest and most forbidden places.

We refer to ourselves as the Thelma and Louise of the Paranormal World, but personally, I think we're more like the Lucy and Ethel!


  1. Lucy! You got some 'splaining to do! LOL!

  2. Sounds like you have a blast, look forward to the prison report.

  3. Y'all are encouraging me, you know?

  4. Hey Lucy "there's no crying in ghost hunting" waaaaa! I am so glad we arranged to be in the jail alone, just the four of us. With the crazy weather we are expecting, this should be a great ghost hunt.


  5. Thanks Ethel and, in advance, thanks for putting up with my antics on the upcoming hunts. After all, you have to hold the camera while I take inappropriate shots of myself in various locations. Only a dear companion in mischief would put up with my desire to be immortalized in creepy locales.

  6. All sounds like good clean fun to me. Gotta do what makes us happy.