Saturday, July 30, 2011


I am a labyrinth freak. Some day, when I'm a successful writer, I dream of having a little cottage in a green state like Oregon, where I would have a few acres around me for space to have orchards and organic gardens, but also a giant labyrinth. If you can't meditate, your mind is too active, try and walk a labyrinth and you'll find instant meditation. It works every time.

Where's a labyrinth around you? You'd be surprised to find that many hospitals around the country now have them on the grounds. Here is a good source for locating them in your area.

Here's just some examples:
Michigan: St. John's Cancer Center, Mercy Hospital, Sparrow Hospital.
Pennsylvania: Charles Cole Memorial Hospital, Gettysburg Holistic Health Center, Peter Becker Community Hospital
North Carolina: Catawaba Valley Medical Center, Presbyterian Hospital Charlotte.
Texas: Seton Northwest Hospital, Cook Children's Medical Center.
California: St. Mary Medical Center, Redwood Memorial Hospital.

You want to design one? Try here.


  1. well, there you go, I always though labyrinths and mazes were the same thing.

  2. I've always wanted to walk one ever since I saw a demonstration on the History Channel long long ago. I too dream of being a multi billionaire, and having a garden with a labyrinth in the middle, so which I could meditate in. On a joking note, I would always be afraid of being tackled mid-meditation by an angered minotaur.

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  3. The one in The Shining was pretty cool.

  4. St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Columbus, Georgia has one. When I attended the church I drove past it many times, but never stopped. I really should check it out.