Saturday, July 2, 2011

Inspirational Saturday: Name 10 Things!

Periodically and randomly, I give the people close to me a list of the 10 things I most admire about them. There is something about sharing what you're thinking about people that can change a person completely. Just knowing that things they hoped people noticed about them were noticed and appreciated can give them a confidence that they needed.

We keep a lot of thoughts to ourselves. I, personally, because of many losses in my life, have come to live my life where if I'm thinking something nice about someone, I share it. I don't keep that to myself. What good does that do?

Everyone should know that spontaneously, someone thought something nice about them. It is so crucial that, to withhold those thoughts, is to kill a relationship. I know that because even under great duress, my ex could not give me a compliment. One time, when pressured, he said one day he was thinking my hair looked nice, but said nothing. That neglect was stacked atop another and another until it spelled d-i-v-o-r-c-e.

So, today, pick three people in your life and write 10 things you admire about them. It can be things like; you are kind to children, you set a good example for your sons, you always answer the phone when I call.

Here's 10 things I appreciate about my readers:

1. You are all very intelligent.
2. You have magnificent senses of humor.
3. You ask awesome questions.
4. You contribute hilarious, brilliant, and sassy responses.
5. You inspire posts.
6. You give me courage to be a writer.
7. You get my goofiness.
8. You put up with Dale the Doll and his posts.
9. You encourage my antics.
10. You make my day just by saying "hi."


  1. I appreciatiate:

    Those who get my quirky sense of humor
    Those who inspire me to continue; be it blogging, writing, etc.
    My family
    My friends; be they cyber friends or close friends
    Everyone who has stuck with me...despite my hectic schedule!
    Clients near and far who truly appreciate the love and guidance that comes from the heart.
    Those who read my blogs; even if though I've not stop by their's in a while.
    Those who make me laugh out loud. And dance with joy!
    Those who care; truly and whole heartedly care. For others.

  2. Brenda; you know you fit in here like a missing jigsaw puzzle, right?

  3. You are SO right about this! There are SO many people that would just love to hear or read something nice about themselves...

    All in all, Life is pretty outstanding!


  4. Red Shoes;
    It's just like they say "life is what you make it," and I choose to live in a happy world filled with opportunities, interesting people, and adventures yet to be had. When you approach your day that way, you wring out of it every drop of goodness instead of being mired by the stench of everything that is wrong.

  5. All your readers including me appreciate everything that you do on this blog! I always love stopping by to read what you write! :)

  6. Zombie;
    Thank you so much, buddy. I love knowing I have such intelligent and goofy readers who are the perfect tribe.

  7. I've only been reading your blogs for a short time, but here's what I appreciate about you:

    1. Bold. Like a bold primary color, you stand out and don't hide who you are.
    2. Opinionated. And not afraid to be bold about them.
    3. Brassy. Who doesn't like a brash, brassy woman?
    4. Great writer. You definitely have a way with words and you're marvelously readable.
    5. Skeptic. In this field, a healthy dose of skepticism is required.
    6. Quirky. You're into ghosts and you let your creepy doll blog, 'nuff said?
    7. Supportive. You're supportive of other bloggers and writers and you treat differing opinions kindly.
    8. Cool. Again, 'nuff said.
    9. Goofy. Refer to number 6.
    10. Fun. You maintain a fun atmosphere here. This is a blog I enjoy reading and know I can always find a good laugh as well as something profound.

    Thank you!

  8. Damn, Lewis! You know I respect the hell out of your research, your integrity, your writing, wit and love of spooky history. We're starting to sound like a match made in heaven, huh? I hope you got to enjoy the video tale yesterday. I love to tell the spooky stories of my childhood, even with Dale the Doll watching me as if I'm an idiot.

  9. I'm going to have to ramp up my efforts in order to live up to all that.

  10. Pangs; you are positively irreplaceable, you know that? About a year ago at this time, you were a lifeline. I never forgot that, buddy.

  11. Once in a while, my electronics ACTUALLY work. During a blue moon, of course. in which case, I scramble to catch up! i should probably write my awardy blog ASAP! Give Dale kisses from me! Lol!