Insane Road Trip!

Yup, Julie and I did another road trip. This time we went to Tucson for a talk about EVP--which I will be reporting on. And, as you can see in the pic above, I found another stray stuffed animal to add to my collection of abandoned dolls/stuffed animals.

Here's a story of serendipity. You plan a trip. You think you know how it'll go. Well, you've never traveled with me at the helm. We got about 30 miles out of town and realized Julie she didn't have her charger for her phone. So, I suggested we pull into a town and get one. While in the parking lot at WalMart, Julie mentions a woman on Facebook who lives in this town and read our book "Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)" and wondered if we had been to the slaughterhouse. I said, "Julie, send her a message and tell her you're here in her town and ask where the place is." So, we did and the woman responded immediately and ended up meeting us to show us where the building was. We met a fan of our book and her wonderful family and wandered around a broken down old farm house and its out buildings. I got to do a psychic read with the woman there to verify what I uncovered. It's wonderful to have that kind of feedback. We also discovered some very odd things about the place that didn't bode well which I will write about later. Some very dark things.

We then hit the road and stopped at a little old tourist stop that was popular in the 60s. There were a lot of very cool abandoned motels. In one of these intriguing ones, I turned and saw a big black dog in one of the rooms and he didn't look pleased we were there. We had to high-tail it out, but not before snapping some wicked pics!

Thank you Turkey Vulture on the road into Biosphere 2. He was eating a rattlesnake. You gotta love these crazy scavengers.

I will be reporting a lot from this crazy adventure including some intriguing research into EVPs and ways that you at home can do EVPs with your home computer and no need to go to a haunted locale.


  1. this is a amazing group of info/fun/photos... i love the motel sign...

    so you two made it back, or is the road still holding you between the lines?
    either way great share/post.


  2. betcha that bear is haunted! lol.

  3. It was wonderful meeting you both yesterday. It was great being able to share the Slaughterhouse with you. I am glad you found it as intriguing as we do. I am anxious to read more about your day. "Hugs"

  4. That turkey vulture is crazy... he doesn't give a shit... just sits right there and eats that old rattlesnake...

    If you don't get that reference, go to Youtube and search for 'honey badger'... Hahahahahaha...

    I LOVE those photos...


  5. That archway shot is very cool!

    Safe travels, you two! :)

  6. It gets crazier. You will be creeped out. Real creeped out by tomorrow's posts.

  7. Ha ha ha, we are a couple of wild and crazy girls! I couldn't believe all the great abandoned finds we ran into and it all started with the slaughter house. That place was awesome and so was the family who showed us where it was located. We meet the nicest people. I am going to do a couple of posts on that place.


  8. Sis--yes, we have been so lucky to meet so many good people through blogging and give them their deserved hugs.

  9. Sounds like a great trip! Shoes...thank you for the honey badger reference, I adore the honey badger!


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