Monday, July 4, 2011

Future Haunted America?

Europe is steeped in hauntings with a bloody history from the time of early Pagans to Viking invaders, Crusades and Black Death. You take a place like England, with a history such as it has and castles that were often times the jumping branch for such bloody battles and torture, and you add onto that centuries of people on an island and you have more killings per square foot. More hauntings, right?

What about America? We are still babies in the scheme of things, but just because Europeans hadn't yet landed here doesn't mean there were wasn't blood shed and battles, death and agony amongst the Native population. Still, given the size of the country, the relative age, the deaths per square foot is considerably less. Does that mean America is less haunted?

When we recite our history of potential hauntings, they revolve around battlefields from Revolutionary War to Civil War, the Salem Witch Trials and Old West Outlaws, jails, mental hospitals and TB Clinics.

When looking to our future hauntings here in our country, where can we expect them to stem from? Areas of natural disaster like Northern California and New Orleans? How about inner cities where gang fighting is rampant? Do you think our modern jails where prisoners watch TV and work out on weight benches will create hauntings? Perhaps the mental hospitals where patients are drugged up so much they are not cognizant of their woes? Hospitals where dying patients are given morphine to make the transition painlessly?

So, where do you think the future hauntings in American will come from or is possible hauntings will become less and less common in a "civilized" society?


  1. I think future American hauntings will come from all the obese people having heart attacks while waiting in line at McDonald's.

  2. So, as I sit at the drive-up window, I can expect to see apparitions that block out the light as they cross in front of my headlights? Hmm... Interesting. It actually might help us hunters knowing a supersized meal might be good bait.

  3. I'm thinking in all those new fancy condos that they rip down old houses and move who knows what around in the ground so that they can build these overpriced monstrosities.

  4. I pretty sure we will still have our share of hauntings. The current ones won't go away, at least I hope not, and there are all kinds of places that harbor evil, unrest, which in turn will have an effect on the spirits hanging around! I'm actually surprised more hospitals aren't haunted. Except that maybe, as a general rule, people are treated well in hospitals. Prisons, I bet will be a good place. I even agree with SD77, if we don't protect our historic homes and land, when new buildings are built, it's going to cause heightened spirit activity. At least I think! Just a thought!

    Here is what cracks me up. I don't know about around the rest of the country, but here in the south, when someone dies in a car accident, suddenly now everyone thinks is a cool idea to put up crosses and flowers and have a make-shit memorial. I'm sorry, but I don't think that Mom or Dad are going to pick a road side to haunt! I'm not trying to be ugly, but why on earth would you want to memorialize someplace that a loved one died in horrible accident and you have to pass it every day??? I don't think it's healthy as personally I wouldn't want to be constantly reminded where my loved one died! Just my opinion.

  5. Hey sis;
    That's something they do in the west here everywhere. When I first moved here and saw my first roadside memorial, it really baffled me. I don't think I'd ever want to visit where my loved one died. It would be just too hard. I suppose in some subtle way they are making motorists think as they drive down the causeway just what could happen and that someone had died there. It makes me stop and think. I worked in hospitals and I have to say there is no lingering feel in them as to hauntings, but I had visited my sister in a mental hospital and even though I didn't see other patients where we visited her, I could sense a lot of turmoil. I was too young to really understand what the place was and visitations were done without others around. I've been in a few abandoned prisons and there's some residual but no active haunting feel to them, though I did see a full body apparition in one of them. I think historically with little policing and a lot of chaos, more tragic deaths occurred. I look at the lawless west and it's pretty obvious how it was going to leave an imprint. I guess the question is, will there be anything all that traumatic nowadays and in the future to add to the haunting content of the country or has its potential reached the peak?

  6. The current ones will go away. If I learned anything from researching (quiet exhaustively) my book, it's that there are countless forgotten ghosts. I uncovered newspaper articles and eye-witness statements from more than 100 years ago about ghosts that were quite famous at the time but of whom now little to nothing is remembered.

    As for our haunted places? They will be the same: anything. You'll have your requisite "spooky" places that are probably haunted just because they're kind of creepy. Albeit, those may change from sprawling abandoned hospitals to sprawling abandoned malls. And, of course, you will have those places that are truly haunted--and they can be just about anything. I recall a particularly active J. C. Penney once....

  7. I think we'll see more hauntings. In Portland, there's a haunted street - a railroad crossing in the inner city. I've seen more than one haunted spot while driving the windy highways here, too...

  8. Cullan; without major skirmishes and traumas, I see a limited amount of hauntings in our future compared to the amount accrued in the past, but then we have a bigger population now and s there is a bigger dying population and that gives a higher possibility. Now, see, I think the WalMart is haunted. I've seen quite a few apparitions bending over with huge butt cracks. Oh, wait, that was on video on YouTube. Oops.

    Pheromone Girl;
    Lucky gal to be in Portland area! My favorite place in the entire universe! I think that's where I'd like to haunt, personally. It's just so atmospheric and all those waterways make it a really typical haunted locale.