Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eye Positioning

Not that anything about me is particularly "normal," but one thing I do know and I took note of in recent years is that when I do psychic reads, I always look to the right. This is interesting because, according to this eye chart above, the right side is "remembered" things and the left side is "constructed" things.

You can use this knowledge of eye positioning to read people and their truthfulness.

For example, if you look to the right upper position, you are accessing visual memory as it pertains to the conversation. If someone said, "what color are Uncle Lou's eyes?" You'd more than likely recall that looking to your upper right.

You'll see people often look down right during conversations, that shows that they are considering what they are going to say next. If you ask someone how their talk with their boss went, they'll more than likely look down right. When I give a reading, I get information usually from the middle right but when I relay it to someone, I look down right because I am cautiously deciding how to word my interpretation accurately.

If you look upper left, you are accessing your visual imagination. If I were to ask you to picture a dog with no hair, you'd probably look to your upper left.

If they look to their middle left, they are in the auditory range again. Here, they are likely to do things like make up a song, or even imaging what their dream man's voice might sound like.

The last position is probably the most telling. The lower left is where a person has their feelings. If someone asks you how you feel about something, you're likely to access it there. That would be a more genuine place to look to give one's real feelings.

As I also suffer from a spatial/time synesthesia, I not only store psychic reads in a 3-D grid outside my body, but also time, such as hours of the day, days of the week, months of the year, in a strange zig-zagging multi-leveled time line outside my body. In fact, if you ask me to think about August, my mind goes to the level of my left shoulder but about 7 feet out from my body. Yeah, it's that funky. In fact, I can't ever remember the actual date because I have no storage system for it within my grid and my mind does not think like wall calendars. In fact, those things mess with my mind every time because to me, time is 3D and not 2D.

Some time, try to recall a song's lyrics by looking to the right middle, you are likely to have more luck.

We may not think about eye positioning, but there are psychologists who specialize in it and are able to use it as a kind of lie detector test. Intriguing, huh?

**Tomorrow, I start a new series called "Lifestyle" with interviews with people who have alternative and unusual lifestyles--I kick off the series with an interview with a vampire.**


  1. hmmmm... I will be looking at those little eye movements for sure! :)

  2. haha nice! i learned this kinda stuff in biology.. it always reminds me of house

  3. What if you have lazy eye, and are looking straight ahead and left at the same time?

    This is a big issue in Idaho. I guess people are just multitasking??

  4. Yes, I suppose those people with a lazy eye might be the exception to the rule. People who watch me do psychic reads wonder about why I need to do it a certain way. First, I can't look at the person I'm reading and I can't listen to them--they need to be quiet. I look to the right, usually somewhere between middle to low and at different distances. As I store info in a spatial way, as I look around, my eyes lock onto their place in the space around me and from then on, every time I read them, I look at the same space to retrieve their files. I know, I'm a freaking lock box brain.

  5. You skipped many of the eyes I see in movies...

    What about when their eyes are crossed? Or rolled back into their sockets? Or glowing? Or shooting laser beams? Or bleeding?

  6. LostinIdaho, ha ha... lazy eye.

    I know you have explained this to me before and it is fascinating. I will have to use this info to see if certain people in my family are lying.... humm!

  7. Haha. Sis, you will surely notice it in me, the preference for right side since I get information from outside which is to my mind like recall or memories.

  8. I was just reading about this and body language the other day actually....very interesting stuff. And interesting idea about looking to the right middle when trying to remember a song lyric...if we normally look a certain way for different things naturally...maybe it'll work in reverse too!

  9. Now THAT is quite interesting. I am going to have to pay attention to myself and see what I do...

  10. ... and cross-eyed people are goofy *wink*