Sunday, July 31, 2011

Easy Ways to Spruce Up a Halloween Costume

**Tomorrow, a post with a video of me doing a psychic read is going up. I always wanted to share this with y'all the process and expect more videotaped psychic reads in the the future. This week will be insanely full of the outcome of a 2-night/2-place ghost hunt by team POE.

Only two things are necessary to take a costume from "prisoner" or "barmaid," "Viking" or "nurse," to Halloween awesomeness!

Those two things are: Vampire bites and Zombie Makeup.

Vampire bite: I wore the French maid costume above because, well, it was a singles Halloween party and, even though I was a married gal and my husband at the time was playing drums in the band, I wanted to look like I could fit into a singles group. I also wanted, however, to still carry a bit of a creepy story about me, so I put a very real-looking vampire bite on my neck. Now, you could almost imagine me dusting off some creepy old castle and having the Lord of the Manor take a chunk out of my flesh.

Supplies: Elmer's glue, black eyeliner pencil, white-face makeup, fake blood, purple, yellow and green eyeshadow.

What you want to do first is take the Elmer's glue. Put it on your finger and rub it onto your neck in a patch about 1 inch x 1 inch. Let it dry. Put another layer atop that. Let it dry. When you get to the third time, now take the bottle and title it, letting a fat globule come out and do two globules about fang-marks apart. Let them dry. When this is dry, you can now poke into each globule with the black eyeliner pencil to make deep dark holes. When you're satisfied with the effect, you will now begin bruising. Take a sponge or a cottonball and pat on some purple eyeshadow close in around the glued patch. Further out, do a circle of green. Further out still, do a patch of yellow. This gives an old bruised look about it. Use the white face makeup on your face to look rather ghastly anemic. Now, drip some blood from the holes and let it go down your neck and dry.

Zombie Face: You can take any costume and make it more creepy with a zombie face. In fact, if you wear your pajamas and carry a torn teddy bear, you can be downright creepy.

Supplies: Elmer's glue, white face, black eyeliner pencil, fake blood, purple, green and yellow eyeshadows.

To make this zombie face, I began with my Elmer's glue. I put it on in big gooey blotches everywhere and let it dry. It can take a while. Feel free to use a cool dryer if you want. I took purple eyeshadow and patted it around like big small pox blobs around my face, then took a sponge and patted on white face atop of it so I looked mottled like a dead body. I put purple under my eyes too. Then, I began to peel back some of the Elmer's glue to expose "wounds" and inside of those, I colored them with black eyeliner pencil to make them look deep and nasty. I put a little bruising purple, green, and yellow around the wounds like on the vampire bite. I then dripped blood from the wounds and my mouth.

Imagine a zombie viking or a nurse with a vampire bite? Tells a story, huh? With these two simple things, you can amp up your costume to "serious Halloweenie" status.


  1. Someone makes a good looking zombie! :D

  2. Thanks, y'all. I just love zombie makeup. I'm doing a most imaginative and cool zombie photo shoot at the end of August. Dressed as 1950s housewives but zombies doing housework in an abandoned destroyed post-apocalyptic home.

  3. I love the maid costume! We're in need of a young lady to play a French maid in our upcoming production of Noel Coward's Private Lives. You should audition. :-)

    Your makeup advice is marvelous! It's almost exactly how we were taught in my makeup class, but instead of glue (which is brilliant!) we used this horrible, nasty putty stuff. It worked, but it's not very user friendly. I'll definitely try the glue. You might also consider it for something larger like a bullet hole.

  4. Hey Lewis. I always use latex instead of glue, but most people don't buy fake skin, so I figured glue'll work. I wish I could try out. It'd be a tough commute though, you understand. heehee

  5. I'm sorry, I missed everything you said after seeing that maid costume.