Friday, July 8, 2011

The Devil's Box and What in the Hell Is She Up To Now?

Here's the concept of the devil's box in paranormal circles: You take six mirrors of equal size and make a cube with them. Now, you sit back and wait for strange voices and growls to emanate.

So, being the curious and skeptical creature, I made one for our next hunt at the end of the month. I'm willing to try such a device and see if it has some strange merit.

To their credit, whoever thought this up had an interesting concept. I am intrigued by the what I see to be firm correlations between feng shui (passage of energy through a room determined by the placement of objects, orientation of the room and windows, doors, fireplaces, et cetera) with activity. Mirrors are hell for bouncing around energy and a mirrored box turned mirror side out in the center of the room technically should make everyone in the room unable to relax because at all points in which you sit, energy is reflected back on you. Now, you take these mirrors and turn them against each other inward and you have the devil's box. We will place a recording device inside of the box and leave it alone in our room when we go out to supper on our hunt and see what we get.

So, what's up with the crazy redhead? Don't ask about the love life, it's a huge vacuum in space and perhaps even swallowing up a quasar at this point...

At the beginning of August expect me to start vlogging some and also reporting back on the experiments we're going to be performing. I also am planning to cover the testing of old spiritualist's tools such as psychomanteums, Ouija, seances, devil's box and more. I want to talk about the basis for why they were utilized and some merits they might actually possess and their shortcomings.

I will be expanding my YouTube channel even more (button bottom right of this screen). I hope to start doing more IR video, more alone in scary places videos, some under 5-minute documentaries and just some totally goofy shit.

On the writing front, Julie and I are finishing up writing "Kickin' Up Dust (Getting Lost to Find Ourselves)" and have a blog set up for it where you can see pics and hear about our crazy road trips and videos. We're sort of what we call the Thelma and Louise if the paranormal world. Even though my "Sheriff Kai: Zombie Outlaw Killer" blog hasn't started it's 30-day countdown to publishing, the unedited opening scene is up for your enjoyment (hopefully).

This October, Dale will no doubt be going insane and possessed as usual, but expect me to cover a lot of Halloween things I'll be attending, as well as hopefully organizing another blogging zombie walk where participating bloggers put a list of links to all the blogs involved and readers can click on links and go from blog to blog seeing/reading zombie related stuff.

Besides going to a lecture next week that I'll be reporting on and also sharing pics and vids of Julie and I urban exploring, our team is also doing a 2-night hunt and a Bigfoot hunt this year. We also plan to do a UFO hunt, perhaps a hunt at Vulture Mine and other unexpected testing of unusual places and unusual hunting methods.

Yeah, I take the hunt seriously, but the peripherals like the ride up and the ride down and the reporting back on the findings--I'm a total goofball. I know when to be serious and when to yuck it up (though I'm guessing past bed partners might not agree with that claim).

**Join me here for Lonely on a Friday Night tonight if you're just hanging out**


  1. That is a lot of work ahead of you but also sounds like so much fun. Will definitely be looking out for more great posts as always and commenting :)

  2. Thanks SD77; I am so excited about every day. I never quite know what I'll undertake next. Now, if I could get rid of my pesky full-time job, I could seriously build my writing collection and my blog and hunts. Well, some day.

  3. I dated a girl in college who had the nickname "Devil's Box." I was never lucky enough to find out why.

  4. Holy snatch drama! I want to know how you get that name...

  5. I am looking forward to our future trips and experiments.

  6. Yes, sis, we certainly can come up with them, huh?

  7. hmmm... I think I may get some mirrors and try this. lol.

  8. Yeah. Craft stores have mirror tiles. Just get six of them, epoxy them together facing inward. Find out if it growls...

  9. How big is your Box?

    I heard the Devil's Box being discussed on the radio. It will be interesting to hear your impressions.

  10. I made mine 6" x 6" x 6" x 6" x 6" x 6"
    So long as the mirrors are the same size, it supposedly works. We'll place a recorder inside and then leave another recorder at the only opening to the room so if say a maid came in, we'd catch them and know that anything that is recorded inside the box came from a person entering the room. However, if the control recorder gets nothing and the recorder inside the box gets something, well, I'll be real interested in that and studying a bit more what might be at play. Mirrors are really just visual things and sure if you put them near each other they create an eternity reflection, but in this case it'll be an eternal amount of recording devices in the darkness, so even the visual aspect isn't useful. I'm highly skeptical this can do a damn thing.