Friday, July 1, 2011

Dale the Doll: My New Digs

I've been laying low so The Human doesn't notice me. It paid off. She got me new digs. Check out my "crib"! I get to sit next to Doll-Baby face atop the book shelves in the home office. This means The Human is only in there during her 8 hours of work and closes the door and lets me par-tay!

She just bought a new addition to her doll collection and I was not too pleased, but thankfully the hairy Bigfoot beast stays in her living room. His name is Jaag. I just call him "jaag off." (snort, snort)

She put Skittles the clown on the other end of my shelf top and I am quite happy about that. In fact, I think him and the other dolly might be having a little thing going on, but Skittles is so silent, you'd never know if he's getting his clown thing on or not. Not an image I need to imagine anyways.

We got a couple of fake blackbirds in a cage and my dolly girlfriend likes them. She always wanted a pet and the headless baby doll makes a lousy one!

All in all, it's looking good for the next few months until that damn October season and you all know what happens to me then: I get possessed and cause a lot of mischief. Ahead of time, I apologize if I jump onto your blogs in October and leave scary comments. It's not me, it's the evil magician possessing me. I do admit to having a bit of fun hiding The Human's knives every year. That is one aspect of being possessed I really enjoy.

I like to keep her guessing...

Oh, and The Human wanted me to remind you that from 7 pm EST onward, she has Lonely on a Friday Night here. Keep her busy so she doesn't come in and ruin my fun!


  1. love the new Squatch doll...regardless of what Dale thinks.

  2. Mr Monkey;
    Of course you like the ape!

  3. Barry; He's very soft and very adorable and every time I hug him, Dale rolls his eyes and sighs in disgust. He thinks only a human would like a furry animal.

  4. Cute Bigfoot! But Dale, you know you are cuter even if I do call you Mr. Creepy McCreeperson! Hope you pop on over to my blog and check out the changes going on over there! I think you'll like it!

  5. Dale.... if your human won't love you, i will! And i am so happy she moved you away from creepy clown Skittles! Frankly? i think he's evil!