Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bloggers Are Awesome!

I did a candelight tales video about the urban legend where I grew up, The Bunnyman. A wonderful blogger mentioned he had an article about it and sent it to me in the mail.

See, bloggers go the extra mile to help each other out and support each other's interests. In my entire marriage, my husband not only never read my writing, but when a commercial for "Ghost Lab" came on quoting "Autumnforest," he asked me why I was so excited about this person. Hmm...

But, in the blog world you meet people with genuine love of their subjects and respect for other blogger's obsessions. We can't usually make a living at what we love, but the blog world lets us have an outlet for much creative frustration. Bless you Blogger (even with all your glitches lately), and bless you to Lewis who has two of my very favorite blogs. The man is not only an expert historian and writer, but the quintessential southern gentleman (you can't see it, but I'm batting my southern gal eyelashes right now). Check out his fantastic blogs, Southern Spirit Guide with all the true and well researched inside info on Southern hauntings and his delightful new one, Southern Taphophile for those of us who can't get enough of cemeteries!

Lewis inspired me so much, I'm just gonna have to do another posting about the way the tales were told as I was a child and the truth the reporter researched in the article. Can hardly wait! I'm getting my Halloween-addiction activated like I do every mid July onward.


  1. It was no trouble at all! Thank you for you support as well. And, I LOVE the pic on this blog!

  2. Haha
    He looks so pathetic. It definitely made me think more of "Christmas Story" than "Bunnyman," though.

  3. When I looked real quick I thought it was from A Christmas Story. I always stress to people how working on the blog is A Labour of Love and my payoff was def meeting some great people in this community and getting to read different blogs ranging from reviews to paranormal and everything in between.

  4. Tomorrow morning, I have a post going up about my blog crushes. You're on it SD77, so your blog does not go unnoticed. People who run a blog with their wit, heart and soul succeed instead of purely informational ones. We don't want "Hal" the computer running a blog. We want real people.

  5. That is way beyond nice of you. I can't thank you enough. I always love coming here to read the post's and you always get good interaction with the comments which I enjoy. Hal would prob try to take over everyone's blog. John why are you changing my design. John why are you deleting my posts. Daisy Daisy,Give me your answer do! haha