Monday, July 4, 2011

The 3 Enemies of Psychic Reads

I'll tell you a little something about me, I've had no formal training in how to use my gift. It's something that simply is there and I know myself and I know the ability and I don't want a strange teacher coming in and corrupting the relationship I have. Psychic skills are much like how you crammed for tests in high school and college, it worked for you and you knew how to remember things by your own methods. It's the same for psychics.

What I'm going to share with you is something that I have come to know on my own, not something I was told, but something I learned from doing a great deal of psychic reads. Here's the secret I've learned:

Ego, Intellect and Interpretation are the three biggest roadblocks for psychics wanting to give accurate reads.

These side traps are not related to your psychics skills, but rather your very human and analytical side.

1. EGO

When I do a reading, I demand two things of the person I am reading for:

1. I must turn my back on them and not view them.
2. They must not say anything or make a sound, just let me talk until I'm done.

Why such strange requests? The ego. Your ego is a fickle thing. It tends to prod you to keep going when you should just stop. You know that person who says something funny and when people react with laughter, he keeps taking the joke a bit further and further until it's uncomfortable? Yes, that is the ego at work.

Should I see expressions or hear reactions to my reading, I will pursue that which gets a reaction. The problem is, I could be taking myself in entirely the wrong direction, trying to produce more and more information where there is a dead end.

If you've ever seen a TV psychic give a reading, you've seen this dilemma. They start with a reading, produce a name or detail that excites the client and then tosses in something that makes the person's expression fall flat in bewilderment. The psychic often times blames it on the deceased one retreating and perhaps someone else in the audience's family member prodding his way into the reading.

The truth is, you can be a good psychic and still go further and further until you produce random and sometimes unrelated information. We are not perfect beings because we have insight, we are simply talented and even a talented baseball player will strike out upon occasion under the crowd's stress.

The desire to produce a result when perhaps there is no connection is ego-motivated. We want to give a service when asked to do so, but sometimes we simply draw a blank, cannot make a connection, are having a crappy day. It's better to just say “this is probably not going to work right now. Let's try later.” The ego; however, will often times make you spit out things when you should have just shut the hell up.

Any time someone hears I'm psychic, they begin to shove their hands or jewelry at me and want me to perform on the spot. I'm only glad I don't tell them I'm really good in bed. I don't want to know what they'd be asking me to prove on the spot!


Mentalists are people who have learned through observation and prompting, how to learn more about a person. The process is not intuitive, but keen deductive reasoning based on intelligence and conclusions.

A psychic, however, is not at all immune to using cues to help them realize if what they intuit is accurate or off the mark. I can observe someone in designer clothing and perfect manicured grooming and assume a good deal about her, but if the ring she is having me read tells me something of a rough life and hunger, I am likely to conclude I am off the mark.

Our intellect is our very worst enemy, which is why I tell psychics to go with immediate impressions, just shoot them off without stopping and judging their value. The best way to develop your skills is to simply sit with a subject and let your hand write anything and everything, sketch, doodle, put together a few words, adjectives, verbs, nouns, names... Do not edit. When you are done, hand the person the piece of paper. Let them interpret how and why you wrote what you did where you did on the page and see the reaction. It can be quite astonishing.

The worst thing you can do is question the authenticity or worth of what you get or let yourself be swayed by what you know about the person, what you see or hear about him.

I always say I prefer to read strangers. I have no preconceived notions about them. When I know someone, I question everything I get because little voices like this sound off in my head, “she never mentioned losing an uncle at a young age.” “I know he's never been in love with a foreign woman.” “She would never have done something that crazy.”


I believe that capturing information is something that is always there, always accessible for everyone, but interpreting what you're getting and why you're getting it is what separates active psychics from people who think they are not psychic.

I was given a piece of a pottery shard by someone. I have a frame of reference for people who are indigenous, but they are similar which makes it hard to define. I described where he found the shard, the elderly arthritic woman associated with it, but I surmised the woman was Jewish. She was a Native American. My frame of reference was not developed enough to define between types of indigenous people.

I read a young man once and said that he and his brother were 10 months apart and I was right, but knowing that he was more responsible, I assumed he was the elder. He was actually the younger one.

Most psychics get a combination of things; audio, visual, sensory, emotional, and tactile. For me, a great deal of what I get feels like memories. If I asked you to recall your high school graduation, you probably remember where you sat, who you sat with, some fool who flashed the crowd, the sound of the crowd, the feel the cool air from the football field of the heat of the auditorium. That's what I get, as if someone's bits and pieces of memories are inserted into my mind. Now, I must figure out where I am and what is happening. Difficult, huh?

You often have to be patient in interpretation. You are put into a context and if you have no relationship to it, such as you are reading a New York City sophisticate and you are a Midwestern farm gal, you may not have any way to understand what you're getting, so I always advise psychics to read, watch documentaries and History Channel shows and get a body of experience for references.

Next time you go up against a psychic and you think "oh, jeez, he's no more psychic than my dog," remember that it's not enough to have a talent. Like blades of grass in the way of a perfect par golf game, one little glitch in that unholy triad of ego, intellect and interpretation can ruin the focus and give a very off read.


  1. Hi Autumnforest

    I found this really intersting and shows how we probably put too much expectations on Psychic readings. However, it also highlights a reading i had last year where the Psychic was always asking me to affirm everything she was telling me. She kept asking "are you with me?" after each statement.That said she did pick up on alot which was true.

    Take Care


  2. It is hard to find a real Psychic reader.

  3. GEM
    You'd enjoy this one I wrote to help people find a good psychic. There are certain methods. Hope it helps:

    Adrian; A good psychic is hard to find. It's kind of like finding a dentist you trust inside your mouth. You can have a really good psychic and occasionally she/he will have a bad day. It's like being in the groove athletically. Tiger had some bad days and some good days.

  4. There's a woman who lives close by... my daughter and her Mom went to go see her a year or so ago for readings. my daughter's Mom went first... I think that she was reading cards... and at some point, my daughter told me that this woman stopped and looked up and said to her Mom..."I thought you said you had two children... I see three."

    Once upon a time, when we were married, she had an abortion because she became pregnant while in graduate school...

    Imagine having a stranger throw that in your face years later.


  5. Yikes. There should be perhaps a fourth mention here that discretion is important. I've read people who had suffered abuse or gave others abuse and it's not something to point out. You always have to ask yourself, "how does this help the person?" It might have helped her as a psychic to show she was tuned in, but it would have only caused upset to the client and that is like a doctor going against his oath to protect health.

  6. I am so glad to see ethics covered with psychics. Could psychics police themselves or should the government step in and regulate them? hmmmmmm?

  7. Well, if the government isn't regulating herbal supplements and they can cause serious health issues and liver damage amongst other things, than I doubt they can regular psychics. I did a few posts on how to find a good psychic and it's worth considering. Anyone who baits you or approaches you first for business, stay away. So, if you're in a new age shop and there are psychics there, "shop" around the store while you listen to their encounters. See if they're asking a lot of questions and letting the client tell them the information and expanding on what the person just said. Also, if they come up to you and say something provoking like, "you shouldn't be feeling so guilty" that's a technique to draw you in. Don't buy it. It's fishing and it's totally unethical. Honestly, I could make a living with my skills and especially with my counseling abilities, but most clients wouldn't like me because I do not and will not read futures.