Zak in Costumes

(Classic Zak Lines: "Come and get me Incubus," "Is this the Portal to Hell?" and "Dude, something totally touched me!")

Do I need to say more? I love this guy! He makes it too easy.

**Tonight on Animal Planet is "Finding Bigfoot" in North Carolina with review here tomorrow**


  1. A Bigfoot in NC?!?!



  2. We have so much fun as a family watching that dumb show with its over dramatic "DUDE"s and "Did you hear that"s or "What was that"s. Awesome.

  3. I love the guy with the beard that they always leave by himself so he can freak out and run out of the room! Zak is a total douche and makes it way too easy indeed! It is fun, mindless viewing though.

  4. Most awesome post. We are Zak addicts at my house. I want an EVP for my birthday. Seriously!

  5. I have an EVP on my team's site

  6. What episode was the dottore mask from?


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