Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scary Music Videos

I love when they haunt me long after seeing them...

Tool "Sober"

Marilyn Manson "Sweet Dreams"

Here's my questions for you:

Has there ever been a song that you loved until you saw the video and then hated it?

Has there ever been a song you didn't like until you saw the video?

That's the power of music videos, leaving a kind of mental virus that's disturbing or inspiring.


  1. I love both of these videos, actually. I am not a fan of Marilyn Manson's music anymore (I was years ago though, big time) but I can appreciate his stuff. I've always loved Tool though, that won't ever change.

    Your questions are difficult though, I can't think of any songs I loved or hated based on their videos.

  2. I admit, I thought Evanescence was too whiny for me (I don't like plaintive voices like Enya and such), but when I saw the videos, I suddenly liked them. I loved the song "Addicted to Love" until I saw the video and it changed the way the song made me feel completely.

  3. love the tool vids. The brothers Quay also have some short films that are creepy. I like manson's tourniquet video,Aphex twin come to daddy, NIN happiness in slavery. Got to think of some more.

  4. Damn! Slowdeath77--I have the Brothers Quay and the crocodile one is my favorite with the creepy shop with the dolls. Reminds me of "Eraserhead" by Lynch. When I had my Halloween party, I played Brother's Quay on the side of a shed and hung creepy dolls up in front of the shed so they became part of the movie. You have brilliant taste.

  5. I've never had a video sway me into an opposite opinion, But I've had it either push me into liking it or hating it more...

    Dimmu Borgir for example... I thought their one song; Gateways was really corny sounding... And then I saw the video... And died of Hysterical Laughter.

    Many thoughts ran through my head such as:
    ~Lol - When did they recruit Cruella DeVille to sing for them?
    ~They went White Metal! :-p
    ~ Why does Shagrath have a Cthullu hat on?

    Finntroll's video for Under Bergets Rot made me like the song more so than I did already...

    Mostly because of the Mummy Cactus who pop up whenever they say "Whoa!"

    So yeah. Lol Most of the videos from the bands I listen to match the song fairly well.

  6. Soraya; you crack me up! You know, I adore Kings of Leon and their "sex is on fire" song video made me get so hot and turned on. He is uber yummy in that one. I have a thing for the abandoned desert looking locations and men who look a bit road trip dirty and naughty. Okay, gonna take a shower now.

  7. Haha, that actually reminded me of the one video that I did have a wtf moment with...

    They're viking metal. Singing about fighting in a battle. yada yada yada.
    My first wtf; Why are they driving down a road in a buggy? in a desert?
    My second wtf; "The pouring rain sticks my hair to my face" as he's standing in bright sunshine.
    And then SUDDENLY THE HILLS HAVE EYES pop outta nowhere.

    It didn't make me like the song less, but I wtf'ed through the whole thing.

  8. Haha. Yeah, that just leaves you with a demented residue. I'm not sure it's effective. I guess if the song is mediocre, it kind of gets stuck in your head after that, so an interesting selling point.

  9. For sheer weird/creepy factor, I'd recommend Slipknot's "Dead Memories":

  10. Oh yeah, i thought of a fun one...

    Hurricane by 30 seconds to mars.

    It's a strange video that was aired on tv. Lol Lots of S&M stuff and yeah.

  11. I don't think I've ever had my opinion change on a song, just because of its video, although I have seen I-have-no-idea how many videos that made me wonder what the heck they had to do with the song.

    Recently, though, one video made me finally realize why a song shows up in so many horror films. Check out "Mr. Sandman" by Blind Guardian (or here The German rockers dressed like USO girls is the least creepy thing in the video.

  12. all videos i find to match the songs are satisfying.

  13. ty :) that Brothers Quay dvd is awesome.