Tuesday, June 7, 2011

POE: First Post

So, my team, "POE" (Paranormal Observation & Investigation) has a blog. I will be posting our theories and findings from hunts on there. The first post is up about the BirdCage.

We will be planning the rest of this year a ghost hunt at a haunted schoolhouse during our storm season, Vulture Mine, a UFO hunt and a Bigfoot hunt.

Findings will be discussed there, as well as tossing around theories and things we want to test and new things we came up with along the way because part of our team's desire is to be adaptable to the situation and the action that occurs. We're ready to go in with some plans, but alter them if necessary. In other words, unlike GH, we're flexible. This is all about theories, testing, trying to narrow down the pathway in which this phenomena travels and exposes itself.

The button is on my blog here, so any time, feel free to go over and see what ideas are getting tossed around and what findings are made. I will let you know when we have results of new hunts in the paranormal field.


  1. I love the logo and the name! Sounds like a most excellent adventure.

    Bill & Ted would be proud.

  2. Thats awesome! I will be sure to follow that too! :D