Friday, June 17, 2011

Paranormal Challenge

Zak apparently decided to have a spin-off show in which he gets people who actually know how to ghost hunt to do it for him in a competition to get evidence. Perhaps even real EVPs that sound like language!

So for this premiere episode of "Paranormal Challenge," (tonight on Travel Channel), he takes two amateur ghost hunting teams to Rolling Hills Asylum to see which team can come up with more convincing evidence. You know, I'm going to have to come up with a whole new kind of post for these nights. No music video. No drinking game.

Perhaps I should have my Ken doll/Zak tell us about the show each Friday...

**In a few hours, a new series post is going up, "Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter" which will be a regular Friday installment.**

** Years ago, I went on a hunt with an investigatory who so impressed me that I wanted to hunt with him again and luckily I did several times. I admire his technique and I trust his judgment more than any ghost hunter I've ever worked with. He just wrote a marvelous post about ghost hunting. Enjoy!**

**Tonight is Lonely on a Friday Night here, join me and chat if you want. I'd love to see how the show is going because y'all back east get the show earlier than me out west.**


  1. Is this a bad omen? We have gone from these shows (despite their massive flaws) basically tyring to respect themselves and the field to now turning it into a game show? I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this...

  2. Sorry its a lonely Friday night for ya... :(

  3. Cullan; Seriously, this is in my category of comedy.

    Every Friday night is lonely for this gal.

  4. This is way better than the Pepsi Challenge and Minute to Win It combined.

  5. STF;
    Seriously, dude! I'm planning on having a mojito and kicking back and just getting my laughs on.

  6. Ha Ha, I forgot this was on tonight. I have to check it out with Kahlua in hand.

  7. Hey sis, you have to get on and chat when you do since you see it earlier than me.