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My Ghost Hunting Theories blog is basically a mind carnival or forum for the odd folk. Click on the tab above to learn more about the blog. Basically, this place is a mixture of theories about the paranormal, news, movies, interviews, fun quizzes, lots of humorous pieces (if you watch ghost hunting shows hit the tab above for LAUGH series). I like to cover ghosts, cryptids, horror, and so many other weird and quirky things. There is a search bar on the right-hand side and you will see on the sidebars my book covers with lots more coming out. When you become a reader of my blog, you get sucked into the crazy tidepool. The readers are amazing commenters and we often get discussions going that are mind-blowing. Jump on and ride the crazy wave. I am always an ever gracious hostess, a bit of Josh Gates if he were an urban explorer mixed with Elvira with her sassy naughty manner. I am also a giant goofball, so you will find a good buddy in me. My tribe is everything and joining my tribe means being part of an inquisitive and eccentric family.