Palmistry or "Cheirology"


Which hand? You have a dominant hand and a passive hand. The dominant one is the one you write with. The passive one is considered what you have inherited and the dominant hand shows what you do with what you inherited. Intriguing, hmm? Especially when you consider family health characteristics. What we can learn from the hands? If they differ a lot, that can show a person who did a lot for evolving and changing in his lifetime.

Shape of hands: Square palm (same height and width) with long fingers and thin lines--intellectual and sociable. Short palm/short fingers/deeplines--practical and down-to-earth. Long fingers/short palms/prominent lines--risk takers, action-oriented. Long palm/long fingers/fine lines--creative and emotional.

The major lines:

Holding your hand up in the air, the top line near the fingers is the "heart" line. The higher this line, the more passionate and jealous.

The middle line in the center of the palms is the "head" line. This indicates intelligence. If this line meets with the life line, it means the person is cautious or fearful. The further apart, the more risk taking.

The curving line going from above your thumb to the wrist is the "life" line. The wider this is from the thumb, the more expansive and giving the person is. The closer to the thumb, the less generous.

The Mound of Venus:
That raised area called the heel of the palm, between the life line and the thumb is the Mound of Venus and if it is flabby and not tight, it means low vitality and sex drive and if it is firm and fleshy, it means a high sex drive.

So, those are only the basics. There is more to learn, like the intensity of the lines, chains in the lines, breaks in the line, marriage and relationships lines. Give it a try. There are some good online instructions to be found.

Oh, and me? Let's see...

I greatly changed my inherited traits
creative and emotional
not terribly passionate and jealous
cautious and fearful
very giving
very strong sex drive

Well, the 2 were right...


  1. i lost a lot of what i inherited.

  2. That can be a good thing in many ways. It means that you took what life gave you and you did much with it. In other words, you're not a passive person.

  3. LMAO @ Well, the 2 were right...


  4. Red, how do you know which two???

  5. An interesting Post, girl. I have heard about this stuff before and wondered if it really is true on what your hand say's about you. I am right handed. I think that just 2 of what is described are correct.

    There were times in my past that I've gone by a Palm Reader and just keep wondering if I'd go in there what she or he would read. However, to pay a fee to have your Palm read I have a bit of trouble with. Then again, I'd wonder if what my hand has to say is really true.

  6. Les; I've been reading palms since I was young, but for me it's more like tea leaves. I look at the lines and I see information but it's nothing from actual palmistry training, it's from my own psychic skills using the lines spatially to help me define a person's life. Some palm readers are quite good if they know how to interpret.


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