Monday, June 27, 2011

Nightvision: The Best Things Happen at Night!

(I just got myself a jiffy little Vivitar pocket video cam with IR and got a still shot of me at the cemetery after dark)

Do you want proof that the best things happen at night?

Vampires come to life
Werewolves bay at the moon
Bats take to the skies in swarms
Mardi Gras participants flash the crowds
Full moon eclipses
Meteor showers dazzle
Stars twinkle and hover
UFOs make shocking displays
Lovers tangle in sheets
Ghost hunters wander unlit buildings
Bonfires send sparks into the black air
Trick-or-Treaters knock and screech
Fireworks smoke the sky
Christmas Lights twinkle blindingly
New Year's Celebrations send music into the air
Prom goers sneak off to after hours hideaways
Nightclub jazz shows beckon people inside
Horror movie plots keep watchers on edge
Halloween parties promise a night of make-believe
Bigfoot hunters listen keenly
Lightning bugs flicker silently
Haunted attractions draw in screaming crowds
Corn mazes isolate the wanderers
Camping sites come to life around a campfire
Sleepover children giggle and chatter
Flashlight tag is played competitively
Poker players settle in with beer and chips
SNL brings viewers laughs and winces
Drive-in movies set a mood to make-out
Strip clubs promise forbidden pleasures
Roadside carnivals play loud music and dizzy the patrons
Outdoor concerts on the lawn create romance
Las Vegas Strip wakes up for the night with neon
Glowsticks mark the partiers in a crowd
Happy hour mellows hard workers
Street bands get people to stop and listen
City lights promise many escapes
Dark country roads isolate the driver
Fire in the hearth of a lonely woodland cabin smells like home

Got more? Share them and prove the point--everything really worth it, happens at night!


  1. Oooh, you had me at jazz club...

  2. I'm surprised the word "naked" wasn't included on your list!

  3. I worry that I'm the only one who likes to run naked under a full moon, but it is my favorite thing to do.

  4. Kind of puts it into perspective, huh, Jessica? As kids we thought night was great because you could sneak around, but truly all the most fun things to do are at nighttime.

  5. i see where you are coming from.

  6. You forgot that Martini's become $5 each after 7pm.

    The Liquor Guy is Back!

  7. "Lovers tangle in sheets..."

    ... and running naked??



  8. Hey, you can get away with more at night than in the daytime!

  9. Hmmm... true... tres true...


  10. I thought you were going somewhere else with the whole night vision thing. lol.

  11. I was going to cover the mechanics of IR, but then I thought--damn! I love the subject of nighttime fun.

  12. i like that night vision shot of you. You look ready ;)

  13. Ready, huh? I double dog dare you to expand on that statement.

  14. The night time has always been my prime time, even when I was a baby. Now my daughters seem to have inherited that trait too.

  15. I can imagine--just remember that at 3 am. They're just taking after daddy. You'd probably rather them have your charming smile than to be crying at pre-dawn hours. Do you cry at pre-dawn hours, Aaron? Hee hee

  16. yes the night. lol. It def is when I am most awake hell I work at night. I always loved the opening to tales from the darkside it would fit nicely on this topic

  17. Oh yes, Tales from the Darkside, definitely. Expect more such posts. For some reason, every year in late June I start to ache for autumn and Halloween so I will be bringing the mood in here more and more.

  18. love the subject of night time fun? I double dog dare you to expand on that statement. lol.

  19. Zombie--I'm taking you up on that. The post will be up on Friday!