Netflix Instant Watch: Zombie-Theme

Some zombie flicks on Netflix Instant Watch if you find yourself in the mood...

"Zombies, Zombies, Zombies" Come on, pimps, prostitutes, zombies. How can you go wrong?

"Aaah! Zombies!" This is a story told from the zombies' point of view. It's listed as "quirky."

"Redneck Zombies" Campy and Raunchy

"Zombieland" is a favorite of most zombie lovers, witty and scary.

"Valley of the Zombies" gets a pretty good rating including a creepy estate and cemetery and is listed as witty and scary.


  1. I've actually seen all of the above!
    But what's the name of that Peter Jackson movie that came out in the 90s? The one with the lawnmower scene.

  2. You know I am all about zombie movies!! :D

  3. Liquor Guy;
    I heard about that amazing one, but I never saw it! Was that Dead-Alive? I have a monster crush on Peter Jackson, I must confess. He was born on Halloween too! I have to do a lot of catching up on horror because my ex hated horror and I had to sneak and watch it, so I missed a bunch of good stuff in the 90s when he was underfoot more often.

  4. Of those, the only one I've seen is Zombieland--one of my all-time favorite flicks! I'll check out some of the others...

    hey, I thought maybe you would know the answer to this: How can a zombie tell if he has a woodie, or if it's just rigor mortis?

  5. I can't remember which one it was, maybe Return of the Living Dead 2 or 3 from the late 80s, but Jerry Garcia made a cameo in amongst the zombies and it was hilarious. And I loved Bill Murray in Zombieland!

    Nowadays though when I want to see a real scary zombie flick, I just turn on Fox News *ZING!*.

  6. Aaron;
    Fuck yeah! The problem with those FOX news zombies is they don't eat flesh. Maybe if they did eat some flesh, they wouldn't be so pent up and frustrated, eh?

  7. I dunno... I'm pretty sure that Gretchen Carlson chick gets SOME kind of sustenance from human flesh. Call it a hunch.

  8. Zombies feast on human brains.

  9. I don't know about that. I saw some eating arms and legs in "Night of the Living Dead" and intestines!

  10. Dead Alive is over the top fun. The amounts of blood he used was insane lol. Aaaah! Zombies is actually pretty clever I enjoyed it also a tongue in cheek zombie movie. Some to check out are Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, City of the living Dead and Zombie(where else can you see a zombie fight a shark)

  11. I don't know much about Zombie movies but I guess the most recent one I saw was "Shaun of the Dead". Very funny.
    Anyway I thought I'd pass by for a nosey from The SNAFU report after seeing your comment to The Wolf. I have read also your last couple of posts...very intersting and entertaining. A very intriguing blog, i love anything to do with ghosts, paranormal, conspiracy theories too, so consider me hooked!

    Take Care



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