Saturday, June 18, 2011

Inspirational Saturday: Laugh!

I've never been accused of taking life so seriously that I had a sour face, an angry disposition or a "this isn't fair" attitude. It's a decision to laugh when others would cry, scream, or break something.

Some ways I'm able to laugh about life:

When I see people do asinine things, I can't help but think of comedians who point out what idiots human beings can be. I feel like I want to turn to someone and say, "did you see that?" Yup, just more evidence of what a crazy world we live in, in which no one does what you expect them to do and upon occasion do things so stupid, it's incredible.

According to The Journal, a teenager was arrested by the Pennsylvania police and charged with felony daytime burglary. How did they find out? Well, the victim noticed that someone had broken into her house through a bedroom window. She also happened to check her computer…which had the burglar’s Facebook account still open. Apparently, after snatching two expensive diamond rings, he had felt the irresistible need to check his status. Can you say…”un-friend”? (from Dumb Criminals)

Consider observing a situation to tell someone a story of what insane, ridiculous or bizarre an encounter was during the day, whether it was waiting in line at DMV or in the doctor's office while all the children were getting vaccines that day. Become a storyteller. Observe it without being engaged in it, simply watch it like an alien observer trying to figure out this crazy race of beings.

I was stuck in a long grocery line with only one checker. People were becoming rather irate and the poor cashier kept calling for help with no one coming. I decided I'd be there a while (something I can't control, so I let it go) and concentrated on a child who went up to his mom at the candy rack, holding a candy bar in the air, his other hand tugging at his underwear through his pants, twisting himself, adjusting, then just shoving his hand down the pants to pull the underwear into place, exposing his ass. His mother put the candy back up and on the rack and he plopped down on the ground and started screaming. Then, for more drama, laid on his back and kicked his legs. It dawned on me then, "what if I did that at the checkout stand? What if I pulled my pants down, tugged at my underwear, screamed and fell on the ground and kick my legs?" That imagery drove me over the edge. I looked at the angry faces around me of the inpatient group in the queue and promptly burst into laughter.

"40-year-old Virgin"
"American Pie Wedding"
"The Hangover"
"The Jerk"
"Office Space"

"American's Funniest Videos."
Monday night laughs? Jay Leno's "Headlines"
E! Channel's "The Soup."
Any fucking episode of the Kardashians and "Ghost Adventures" when they take themselves seriously.


  1. "What if I pulled my pants down, tugged at my underwear, screamed and fell on the ground and kick my legs?"

    You'd either get institutionalized or offered a new show on FOX.

  2. RR;
    Seriously. I've been going about life all wrong. If I let my bad self out more often, I might get money, recognition, and adoration. Crazy human race!

  3. I threw the exact same fit when the McDonalds around the corner was out of chocolate shakes the other day. In my defense, however, that McDonald's shake machine is always broken. I won't go there anymore now. Mainly because I'm prohibited from stepping foot on their property. On the bright side, I've lost 15 pounds.

  4. start reading words backwards or mixing letters, it's very funny.

  5. STF; That was you?? I was going to go over and whack you on the nose with a rolled up newspaper, but when I got my turn in the line and found out the shake machine wasn't working, I did the same thing! Problem is, they asked if I could come back every Friday night, it's good for business to have a bottomless woman kicking her legs on the floor apparently.

    I agree! Typos are one of my favorite pleasures. I was rereading a report the other day I typed up where I accidentally typed "the patient was prepped and raped" instead of "the patient was prepped and draped." Spell check didn't catch it. Good thing I reread it or the doc might be in trouble for giving the patient more than just surgery.

  6. Sean "I won't go there anymore now. Mainly because I'm prohibited from stepping foot on their property." - Awesome!

    Reminds me of Elf "Did you get your job back? No, but I got a restraining order, so things worked out OK"