Saturday, June 11, 2011

Inspirational Saturday: Being Genuine

Kim Kardashian is the human version of fast food; prepackaged, a known product, no subtle flavors or fresh ingredients, no depth or character, no artistry in the creation, simply a known commodity one can consume quickly and forget.

What makes us loved by others? We admire a person's devotion to their spouse, their strong work ethic or their intelligence, but what we love about them may be the way they snort when they laugh, the fact that they can't pass a rock on the ground without wanting to pocket the unique beauty, that they have memorized all the lyrics to every Beatles album ever made, and that they order things in the restaurant with everything "on the side."

Admiration and love are different animals. Admiration means, "what you do I respect and wish to be more like that." Love means, "this is what makes you special and is unique to you."

Being genuine means embracing all that is unique about you, from your quirks and obsessions, your very nature whether introverted or extroverted, never adjusting your belief system based on those around you, cultural or church influences and being spontaneous with your reactions, likes and dislikes.

Being genuine--it's all about being who you are when no one is looking and maintaining that when people are looking.


  1. I loved it! Being genuine. You have to do a lot of work with yourself to manage to do it. In order to try to be genuine you have to know who you are, where you are heading and where you actually want to go.
    Brightest blessings from across the world!

  2. "Admiration and love are different animals."
    Man, you can say that again. I'll bet half of all relationships that fail come down to someone's failure to make that distinction.

  3. my name is Kim Kardashian, please consume me quickly.

  4. i serve Kims as breakfast in bed.

  5. Greekwitch; I agree. Being genuine means not adjusting yourself for public consumption or another person. I was very ingenuine in my marriage with my ex, but with my son and friends, I was totally genuine. Anyone who makes you feel your genuine is not enough, they don't love or admire you.

    Damn right! I never understood men who wanted to change men. The things that are quirky about them are what make them so damned lovable.

  6. Your completely right. It's when no ones around that our true nature comes to the surface. Come to think of it, this might explain why when a serial killer is caught, the neighbors are shocked, SHOCKED, to find out that their were 13 bodies in the killer's basement.

    "I don't understand, HalloweeNut was such a nice boy... he was always so quiet!"

  7. Hee hee Come to think of it, are serial killers ever outgoing and sociable? Oh, other than "American Psycho." I guess Ted Bundy was. The dude sort of defied what we expected of a killer which was something more like John Wayne Gacy or Jeffrey Domer. I didn't realize why people in my life lit up like Xmas trees when they saw me, but it dawned on me one day when my ex as home for a whole day and I had to be the woman he expected me to be (quiet, nonassertive, no laughter, seriously diligently hardworking) that I finally understood that the people who knew the real me that I was when my ex wasn't around, loved that woman. They took her just as she was, bawdy sense of humor,willing to do silly things without warning, loving and a great counselor, but the person who should love me unconditionally had a ton of regulations on me. I knew it wasn't love, it was a science project. Now, I can be 24/7 and subsequently, my path in life has opened up and it's limitless now. It's like a kind of psychic karma. Or, as Popeye would say, "I yam what I yam."

  8. sometimes i am genuine to the point i lock myself in a cage and with my peanut shape brain think i look like Cristina Hendricks .

  9. Hmm... Sounds rather entertaining. Do you offer tickets for that?

  10. "Being genuine--it's all about being who you are when no one is looking and maintaining that when people are looking."

    This sums it ALL up!!


  11. Really, people are interesting and complex if you don't mess with them. When you put them in a social setting, the sheep wash away their quirks until they're a bland milked down version. I used to tell my son all the time, "I'd rather be a 3-dimensional person in a 2-dimensional world than to be a 2-dimensional person in a 3-dimensional world."