Horror Movies With Big-Named Actors You Might Have Missed

"The Shuttered Room" Gig Young, Carol Lynley and Oliver Reed. 1967. A woman comes back to claim her childhood home on a New England Island where the people are strange and the estate is even stranger. Tense, but not terrifying. Still, beautiful setting, gothic feel, and it has one of my monster crushes, Oliver Reed. (I know, I know, who haven't I had a crush on?)

"Shattered Silence" (aka "When Michael Calls") 1972. Michael Douglas, Elizabeth Ashley. A woman gets crank calls from her nephew, long dead. She's being tormented by this voice from the past. Is it his ghost? If you enjoyed Halloween as a kid in the 70s, this movie will give you such nostalgia, you will watch it again and again. Great Halloween season feeling flick and unsettling.

"The Evil" 1978. Richard Crenna. This one somehow missed my radar in the late 70s. I think I was too busy being a mall rat, but I missed it. I saw it decades later and went "where was this classic?" It's a great haunted house type of terror/slasher/trapped in a haunted house movie with a crazy twist ending. Very nice.

"Something Evil" 1972. Directed by Steven Spielberg. Sandy Dennis, Darren McGavin & Ralph Bellamy. This was a made-for-tv type movie of a couple moving to the countryside out of the city. The house is a dream. Or is it a nightmare? It's and early Spielberg endeavor and a bit campy, but fun-o-rama made-for-tv 70s horror!

There's a shit load more of these out there, but I wanted to hit some that y'all might find online and appease your appetite for those you might have missed that are classics in their own rights.


  1. I just love stuff like this. Even though these films have their drawbacks, they're often great ways to escape into some atmosphere, especially those from the late 60s through to the 70s.

  2. what a great idea, i wish i had thought of it... but you are a genius. it gets my mind thinking of more. one i think of is alan alda in the mephisto waltz

  3. How about some Stephen Dorff?


  4. Cullan; There were so many including Crowhaven Farm and more. I love that era, the music, the feel, but for 70s Halloween, I pop in "Shattered Silence" and enjoy my childhood again.

    Jeremy; Hey, good one! There was also Shirley Maclaine in "The Possession of Joel Delaney"

    Yum! The Gate! Stephen--YUMMERS!

  5. I do enjoy those lesser known movies with big name actors. These are perfect for those lazy weekends in summer when you don't want to go outside in the awful heat.

  6. Don't I know it. I also get Halloween fever in the summer, so it makes me all nostalgic to see 70s flicks from my Trick or Treating years.

  7. i am really recently in the movies about the validity of getting out of situations by the means of suicides.

  8. Yeah, but don't those usually result in the situation getting worse?

  9. i kinda remember these, but i don't remember them completely. it would great to revisit these. thanks for posting these, i used to enjoy these movies way back when.


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