"Haunted Collector" Syfy Premiere/Ghost Hunters Pearl Harbor

Well, you can love it or you can snub it, but tonight one old and tired Syfy show comes back and one new Syfy show makes a stab at the arena of paranormal shows.

"Ghost Hunters" is going to Pearl Harbor. They're corrupting, ahem, I mean taking Josh Gates with them. Considering the lagging ratings of GH, I'm guessing Josh is there to help save their sinking ship. Well, at least they're in a harbor, how appropriate!

"Haunted Collector" follows the Zaffis family that profits off the paranormal. They go and collect super haunted items to put into a museum. I've often wanted to put together a collection of items that coordinate psychically together to create a massively powerful "good" energy, "healing" energy, "protective" energy, but not a bunch of stuff with a mixed bag of emotions. What you create then is total chaos and discomfort. Going through an antique shop for a psychometrist is a fucking nightmare, especially when unknowing shopkeepers have the wrong items together. You ever wonder why an antique shop goes under? No one wants to walk the aisles. It's pretty critical. The right items together would make people buy. The wrong ones together makes them so uncomfortable, they turn and leave the place without looking through it.

Well, I'll watch it. I'm curious only because I've never known another psychometrist and I'd like to see how they discern the memories in items. They will likely say it's spirit attachment which I absolutely do not believe in. I believe in the items being imbued by memories and feelings of those in contact with it, but that's not haunting, it's residual.


  1. I am quite intrigued and look forward to watching tonight, thanks for the reminder. I like to put objects together in small(ish) vignettes around my home, and now I think I understand the vibe or chi that I get from some groupings. Some things just bug me until I move them elsewhere or get rid of them entirely. I'm not sensitive at all, just a bit OCD and restless.

  2. Creepy Glowbugg;
    I actually wrote about that in my book "Was That a Ghost?" about ways you can test objects to see if they "get along." Some people worry that one object might be a problem one with a dark history, but sometimes, it can be two objects with positive energy, but one is a physically high energy happiness, like a bouncing puppy and another can be a sedate one like a meditative zen-like happiness. If you find it hard to sit near or rest near the items and others seem to ignore that space, it might be a sign they don't get along. I usually take the newest item away and see how it feels after that. Try reintroducing it and removing another object until you figure out which one is not getting along. The best objective test is to take someone who is open-minded (so they don't think you're crazy) and have them stand in front of the items not looking at the items (sometimes how an item looks influences people) and ask them "how does this space feel?" Then, keeping them in that position take an item away and ask if it has changed. We are all have these internal barometers, but sometimes looking at things puts our logical mind into it and we evaluate it based on appearances. Hope that helps.

  3. Yeah, I'm watching the GH marathon which is a good thing, because honestly, I quit watching it in season 4, so I've never seen some of this shit. Nothing impressive. I don't think I missed much--same routine--new location. What is it they say about doing the same thing twice and expecting different reactions?


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