Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Halloween Costume Help

This lady above is a jumping point. Here's the costume I'd like to put together and have ready for October. I'm starting now because the components will be involved. I'd love input.

Theme: "Steampunk Ghost"

Incorporating my two favorite things; ghosts and steampunk. I would like to do a typical Victorian era meets gadgetry steampunk look but do it all in pure white with pale white makeup to be a ghostly steampunk lady.

So, let's start tossing out some ideas...

Toss some ideas out there to make this totally awesome!


  1. How about a white top hat and funky round rim sun glasses with blue lens.

  2. Sounds rather Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland. I'm sort of digging it. They do have those tiny top hats at Spirit Halloween, the kind that you pin to the back of your head and look very steampunk. I think one of those would be ideal. Perhaps if I added some white veiling mesh.

  3. My advice: GO FOR IT!! Costumes are just so much fun, I just wish I was better at making them. Looks like I'll be going as a Voodoo Zombie (you can check my blog for more details soon). But so far, sounds good! Very creative concept "Steampunk Ghost". I like!

  4. Yeah, should feel rather Victorian and a new take on the White Lady tradition. i love your Voodoo Zombie idea!!

  5. I think the standard Victorian-era lady's costume with the proper metallic gadget-accessories added would work well together; an embodiment of the Steam-punk aesthetic.

    (Don't forget to go extra pale)

  6. Oh yeah. I should be all white and silver, except for my brassy hair. I found the perfect little hat with white veiling. It's ideal!