Ghost Adventures: Drinking Game!

Holy heck! Zak and the Boyz are going to Loretta Lynn's haunted home!

Drinking game rules:
1. Stay home.
2. Take a sip/gulp for every "bro," "dude, "man," every time Zak thinks he's touched by a ghost and every time Aaron's mouth becomes unhinged in horror.

I'd say tonight's drink is moonshine, but since they don't usually sell that in the grocery store, I'll tell you that Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill or Tickle Pink will do the job real well.

Today's post on my POE research site is about EVPs and sound.

**Don't forget, tonight is Lonely on a Friday Night, join us here an chat**


  1. I'm in. And I'll be using Wild Turkey. That drink induces banjo music and autoharps as well.

    YEEE HAW!!

  2. LII;
    Not a bad choice! I might try and find some malt liquor.

    Yahoo! Hope you come by.

  3. A place here in town sells 'Moonshine'... I wonder what it tastes like? Im sure the guys on the other side of the levee would be cookin' if the water level was down some...


  4. Go for it, Red. Report back! When I was a kid, we had to visit my mama's family in the hills of WV. It used to scare me a lot. It's a different world than DC. There was a mountain there called Freezeland Mountain. Sound scary? When I was a kid, I was bored by the adults and I couldn't frankly understand my mama's people's dialect, so I'd hike around. I went up the dark path on the mountain one time. Trees overhead, thatched so dark it's like being in a tunnel. I found a settlement up there and all along the roadway, the men in overalls with no shirts sat there drinking out of moonshine ceramic jugs. Seriously! Their pack of hunting dogs chased me back down the hillside and when I saw "Deliverance" I really got a chill up my spine.


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