Thursday, June 23, 2011

Focused Intent: Is It In Our Genes? In Bigfoot's?

You're sitting in a waiting room, reading a magazine when without noise or prompting, you look up at the chair just to the right of you and the person is staring at you. Did you see them in your peripheral vision? Nope. Did they make a noise? Nope. Somehow, you knew someone was focusing his intent upon you.

You're in a haunted location and you're wandering from room to room when you enter a parlor and stop and turn and gaze into the corner. You feel as if you're being watched. You can feel the intent upon you as if it were a psychic touch to your subconscious, something stroking your "warning" button ever so gently.

You are coming home from work and find yourself pulling into the parking lot at the Chinese restaurant. You don't recall having a forethought to get supper and bring it home, but you simply felt compelled to do it as if something almost OCD catastrophic would happen if you didn't complete the action. You bring home supper only to find your spouse laughing about how he was thinking of Chinese food all day. Are you a mind reader?

I was on a ghost hunt. We were all catching some rest at the end of the hunt and laid down to get in a few hours sleep. Suddenly, I lifted my head and looked over my shoulder at the fellow hunter behind me. I felt a nighttime pat in my mind, not in my body, but I knew that he was saying good night silently. The next day, he reported he was about to pat me on the back good night, but then thought better of doing that and startling me, but when I raised my head in recognition, it kind of startled him that I seemed to know his intention.

All the time, we think about someone all day long and then get a call from them that night or an email. We don't know why we thought about them all day, we hadn't thought about them in months, but then here they show up just when we're thinking about them. It's not that our thinking of them is causing them to call or contact us, it is that we are reading their intention. When someone is focused upon us, they are suddenly in our mind.

The mind has a forward motion of intention. I have been fascinated with this as a psychic and a human being. We get up in the morning to start our routine day, but already are imaging what we're wearing to work, whether the traffic on the onramp is clogged up again, what will be waiting at our desk for us, the things we need to get done when we get home tonight, the appointment with the doctor next week, the vacation at the end of the month... We are already way ahead of ourselves.

Physicists believe it's entirely possible that every time we make a decision we split off into all the directions we could have taken with infinite outcomes in "multiverses."

From what I know of the phenomena, we can sense intention as if it an arm reached out and touched us, even though the person never physically did. It's as if just thinking about someone, you arrive in their senses and subconscious. The action may not have been physically completed, but mentally it moved forward on a psychic level. I feel it might be the same upon death, that all that forward motion and intention for tomorrow and next week continues to roll forward even when we are no longer physically in this space.

It seems to work with creatures, as well. You know how dogs "smell fear?" Horses refuse to cooperate for ignorant riders? Deer realizing someone is focusing attention on them run from the hiding hunter? I've done it many times focusing on the tons of bunnies we have here in my apartment complex. I simply study one and his head lifts and he runs off immediately. I've tried staring at them with no thoughts in my mind, but the minute I start looking at the bunny as a bunny, he reacts and hops off.

So, what does this tell us about the Bigfoot hunting dilemma? I recently wrote about Bigfoot and Native Americans and the possibility that our attention focused on him is driving him into hiding and that when we go down a forest path thinking about fishing or our day at work tomorrow, we run into him. I do not think this is coincidence. The question is, does BF have an even stronger sense of intent than humans? It is certainly something to consider.

I learned recently that man is intelligent because how long it takes him to get to maturity, i.e. 18 years. For primates, it is 10 years. Does BF reach maturity at perhaps 14 years? More intelligent than chimps, less intelligent than us? But, is that enough for him to have developed his psychic senses more than his analytical side? Perhaps he is a spiritual being like a caveman and uses his animal-like survival senses in a way we humans are removed from. Hell, we launch ourselves in cars at 60 miles per hour over highways and that is about as against our instincts of self protection as possible, but our intellect helps us negate the natural "oh shit!" that should come from such an experience. Perhaps BF's "oh shit!" mechanism is completely intact since he does not talk himself out of what he knows to be true. (Yes, y'all are so patient for putting up with my down to earth comparisons and I shall reward you later in some magnificent way).

I plan to learn more about the process of intent and how humans manage to "feel" this. It would have certainly been important in early development when we were not as strong as tigers and bears, so it is perhaps an actual sense, in there with the "God" sense (sense of being watched, not being alone). Might BF's sense of intent be so acute as to be a near constant low-level paranoia of being studied?

As an experiment, next time you're in a crowded waiting room or restaurant, focus your attention on someone who can see you in his peripheral vision. Focus and see how long it takes for the person to lift his head and look for the source of focused intention.

This is a curiosity I will continue to probe in my ongoing theories.


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