Monday, June 27, 2011

Finding Bigfoot Reviewed

Best quote: "That sounds squatchy!"

Seriously, I really needed this Sunday off and knowing that at night, I could turn out the lights, turn up the air-conditioning, hide under a woobie (blanket) and watch "Finding Bigfoot" go some place snowy and cold to search for my furry cousin, I was quite delighted. In fact, if you tried to call me last evening, I did not answer. Nothing gets in the way of me and searches for Bigfoot.

I like the variety of ways they go about things. I appreciate that as an investigator because I don't like to go in and do the same thing over and over again. Each location, each situation is different and you need to adapt. I simply love to see these guys in the woods. I'd love to see an extended one where they maybe do a 2-hour special or a 2-part special of an expedition of hiking and camping. I'd even have them throw in perhaps two more members for an episode like that (I'm not saying one of them should be a sassy redhead, but it'd be ideal and a nice tent warmer for Cliff).

I appreciate the talk with townsfolk and the decisions to pursue the places they describe. They end up with a show that is not stuck with just one BF account, but many ones to pursue. I know editors can seriously butcher a show into something that is biased and convoluted, but in this case of this show, trying to get that many cases narrowed down, they do a fine job of getting the highlights of the stories without seeming like we're being tossed in a dryer machine and tumbled with too much info. And, there's very few shows that I miss something if I come back from a commercial break a little late, but in the case of this show, I do miss a lot if I come back late. That's pretty telling.

The camouflage canoe was so Gilligan's Island and you know I totally loved it! I'm all about trying any and everything. Loved the echoes. Loved the little goose camera. Oh hell, I'm waiting for the episode where they put BoBo in a BF costume with breasts on it, rub some gorilla musk on him and send him out to do some howling and make himself BF prostitute bait. Oh, you know they gotta try it some time, right?

I don't care what they do, I just love to see them creeping around in the dark. I seriously wish they'd use IR that is black/white instead of green, but that's just a personal preference. Please, please, please pick them up for a lot more episodes! Make it a 2-part season like other channels do; six episodes here, six episodes there...

Here's my favorite paranormal shows in order:
1. Destination Truth.
2. Finding Bigfoot. (actually closing in on DT because it's only BF and I'd rather just see BF hunting than a variety of places, but DT gets to go to such badass locales that I kind of enjoy that too)
3. Fact or Faked.
4. Ghost Adventures. (purely for shits and giggles)

I despise Haunted Collector and Zak's Paranormal Challenge and Ghost Academy. I am bored to tears by GHI and GH and quit watching them seasons ago.

I'm still waiting for my own show concept to be used, but until then, I'm glued to this show. I'd like to know what you think. I hope you're hooked on Animal Planet on Sunday nights for this.

"I think there's a squatch in these woods."


  1. Haunted Collector! LOL! Oh, the crap they air on TV. Yeah, in all honesty, I've not watched any of this stuff in a while. It became too dissatisfying. And too many times they try to up the tension and drama by creating cheesy "scare" moments. For me, the paranormal is not scary. I don't find ghost hunting scary (even when I hear or see something); it makes me curious. I want to know more, see more, and yell and that dumb ass who is running away to stand their freaking ground and keep the camera steady.

  2. Have you ever watched any Shirley Ghostman?

  3. Cullan;
    Yes, I know. I hate that too. I cannot get scared. I want to because it's a great atmosphere and all, but when something happens, I get excited at contact and not in the least scared and since I do not believe in evil or demons, I am quite protected from any mind fuck situations. I'm still waiting for the ultimate scary movie. Oh, plenty are gory but that's not scary, it's just disgusting. I hate having such a high threshold. If someone could make a movie where someone afraid of heights and flying is on a plane that is falling, that will give me plenty of creeps.

    Phil-never heard of Shirley Ghostman. Do tell.

  4. Matt has announced that he will have another season of Finding Bigfoot. He also said that FBF was APL #1 show.

    I looked, it isn't APL #1 show but it does sit in the top ten. As for his ratings, he comes in 2 or 3 from the bottom for his time slot.

    Matt is not a truthful man.

  5. Haha. I'm thrilled they will come back and I hope they break it up so the next season is in the fall. He is a dunce, isn't he? I haven't figured out his purpose except to blow hot hair.