Monday, June 13, 2011

"Finding Bigfoot" Reviewed

(Bigfoot and his bia-tches)

The team went looking for BF in North Carolina last night.

This time, I decided to not pick on them for editing issues. I am tired of complaining about the way things are portrayed when the production company wants to run willy nilly with their storytelling.

I decided instead to focus on the team members and the way they handle things. It says a lot about an investigator, how he deals with things as they happen and more importantly where his mind is. I've hunted with way too many people for whom everything is a ghost. So, let's break down these team members and their attitudes.

Matt: Okay, the bloom is off the rose. He's really shown himself as a "everything is a squatch" mentality. Now, he is absolutely the worst witness in the entire universe. Remember Brian in TAPS doing the "Ghost Hunters" show? Do you remember him thinking everything was a ghost? Well, Matt is the Brian of this team. Even when they are able to recreate the heat signature on thermal using BoBo (their BF stand-in cause he's tall) He's still grasping for something, "well, it was a different temperature outside that night." Matt, you have lost all credibility and I'm sorry, but I'm not taking that crazy train. Matt runs off after a supposed squatch and makes and ass of himself. Kind of like "dude, run!" Seeing the similarities? Basically, when he opens his mouth, it's like Charlie Brown's parents; I just hear "wah, wah, wah, wah." I feel sorry for the team cause they're downwind of all that hot air that's blowing.

Bobo: He mentions that he knows how these things act and "that was totally how a squatch would act." How does he know that they're agile? How does he know how they act? When has he had a chance to observe a BF's behavior? BoBo, thank you for being a mock sasquatch. A team could always use one. In "Ghost Hunters" reference, I'd compare him to Tango.

He's smart and his motives seem very honest and pure, he's well spoken and a good listener and interviewer. I think he does fall into the "it's probably a BF club," but luckily his rather analytical mind intercepts the giddiness and lets him come back down to earth and think it out first before giving a big "affirmative!" In comparisons to "Ghost Hunters," Cliff would be Steve.

Ranae: Yahoo! There's a "me" on the team! I would not have the emotional investment in BF being real. I would simply want that whatever we find be beyond reproach. I'd use logic and not passion to drive me. That's what she gives the team. Bless her heart for being the one on the team making them face the truth about faulty evidence and giving alternate explanations. Someone has to be grounded. Gee, I don't know if there is a comparison on "Ghost Hunters" to Ranae, but perhaps the first season of Jason before he totally sold out and called everything a ghost to make eager inn owners happy.

All in all, I'm pleased with the method of talking to locals and narrowing down the most realistic sounding witnesses and going to those places. I also appreciate they don't do the same damn thing every single time like Ghost Hunters--how many seasons must we endure of that show???

Don't miss, next week's episode is in my favorite state in the Union--Oregon! Looks to be quite exciting.

**On the POE site, I put up one of the EVPs we captured at the BirdCage**


  1. all those barbies found big foot!! lol.

  2. Where's Biggy's pimp cup in that shot? LOL! Anyway, have you followed all the behind the scenes rants and raves regarding this show over at Cryptomundo? I'll be honest, I don't have the highest regard for Moneymaker--and that was WAY before this. His name is appropriate. He's in this for the money. The BFRO excursions are egregiously overpriced, which would be fine if they footed the bill for anything. But they don't. They collect hundreds of dollars from each attendee and then make them find their own lodging, food, transportation, equipment... It's ridiculous. He has also pushed (or at least posited) that there should be a federal law that would make hoaxing criminal. I've written diatribes about both these things on my blog. If you get a chance... Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying the show. I might have to wait for a marathon or something.

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  3. That's pretty spot-on.
    I wanted to love this show, but I was surprised that they're talking about Sasquatch as if he's a heavily-observed and totally documented creature. Moneymaker must see Squatches everywhere he looks.

    I do love that the word Squatch is now a part of my vocabulary. : )

  4. Haha. Yes, Moneymaker. No kidding. He's really just a Biscardi wearing a beard, huh? Cullan, Blogger still is being a bitch-fest about commenting which is why I reset my account to take anonymous ones. Ranae is the only voice of reason in the group. I admire that woman. If she found something that impressed her, I'd be seriously impressed too. Squatch is a great name, but you have to wonder if when he's found, it'll be politically correct anymore. To him, it might be like being called "Cracker." Hee hee

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  6. I totally agree with your assessment of the group. I like Ranae. She is smart and doesn't jump to "it must be a BF" conclusion. She will give a logically answer which makes sense.

    It looks like BF is having a fun time with the Barbies.... party!!!

  7. BTW, I have to go into Google Chrome in order to answer comments as myself. It is a pain! I just wish Google will hurry and fix whatever is causing the commenting and other problems.

  8. That's pretty much my toy box look like I am infantile sometimes.

  9. Yeah. Anyone having issues, go to the help center and leave a comment about the comment answering problems. (that sounds rather counter intuitive) The more complaints the better.