"Finding Bigfoot" Reviewed

Last night's episode was the Florida Skunk Ape. You know, Ghost Hunting Theories and Autumnforest will give it to you like it is. I'm going to be honest. I've always scoffed at BF in Florida and Arizona. Why? I have long thick hair and I can't take it here with air-conditioning. I don't know how the frag a BF could tolerate it. I'm cranky and he should be one angry son-of-a-bitch.

I've decided, I'm not going to dissect the show. One thing I've learned living through GH, GHI, GHA, GL, GA, DT, FoF, PS (if you can name all these, you're officially a paranormal geek) is that you get a bastard variation when you take a hobby and put it on TV. It's fucking boring! Ghost hunting is tedious. BF hunting is a snooze, as well. Things don't happen that often and when you're really bored, even a snapping twig can nearly create a stampede of excitement.

We all want to go on a ghost hunt, we all want to go on a BF hunt. So, producers/cable channels are taking us along. They can't give us 14 hours of filming, but like a magazine airbrushing the models, they have to make it attractive to the public. I realize this shit needs to be edited. There is a curse, as well, because all those hours of research and hunting and interviewing became a strange Frankenstein'ish version of what actually occurred. Good and thorough investigators can be made to look pretty stupid depending on how it's all stitched back together from the editing floor (I know, I know, this isn't recorded with actual film anymore, it's video, I'm being facetious).

I'm pleased that these guys are multidimensional. They're not just walking out in the woods and knocking wood and whooping (oh hell, they are)), but they are also doing a good deal of interviewing, reenacting and utilizing some interesting tools. What I would have given if Ghost Hunters had taken a goddamned expert with them or even interviewed one! At least this show is willing to bring in others and consult those who can fill in their gaps in knowledge and experience.

I will never expect, given the statistics of people like Peter Byrne who hunted his whole long life for BF and Yeti and had yet to see one, that these dudes who are going to do, what? 8 or so episodes? would find anything, but I sure like being taken along. I really appreciate them going in search of BF in all the regions reported. I've wondered about Ohio BF and Florida BF and such and them going to all the regions gives me a chance to come to my own conclusion about the efficacy of these locales for a BF creature.

I'm telling you, I'm impressed with Ranae and Cliff. I would totally put them on a team with me on a hunt. I would trust their judgment and I would feel secure in whatever we procure. So, having two of the four member team that I believe in helps me a lot in watching the show. That's a better ratio than many other paranormal shows on TV in which I don't trust a damn person on the team.

Besides, I wouldn't mind getting lost in the woods with Cliff (wink).


  1. Yha know, girl, I have watched a few documentary's about this Big Foot creature that is said to exist, but just where the hell is it? No one that I know of has ever seen a BF for real. Some video's taken of something that was proved to be false? In my personal opinion, I don't believe that they exist.

    There are a number of reasons that I don't believe in them. They are not like a Ghost or Spirit that has been proven to be here. Until I see one of these huge creatures, my belief will remain the same.

    Getting lost with Cliff? Maybe that could be arranged, somehow. Have fun, girl. Knock yourself out!

  2. Well said sis. I still haven't seen amazing evidence, but I will hold out that the elusive beasts do exists.

  3. this whole team screams 'dying to hoax something' I'd get a team of skeptical scientists chicks like Renae and go look for Abominable Snowman.

  4. I'm not totally sold that ghosts are the souls of the dead yet, but I do believe in BF without batting an eye. I'm a weird creature. The most obvious conclusion is the best one, like BF is a creature and not an alien visitor or shapeshifter. Ghosts, however, could be any number of things and can hardly be grabbed and tagged to prove they're souls. I would need irrefutable proof of active intelligent knowledge. So, for now, BF is my dude and Cliff would be my happy tour guide. Oh, he'd be happy. I'd be sure of that. (wink)

  5. They just wanted to do an offsite in Florida, so they can film for 3 days and vacation for 6.

    Next week, tune in when the GH team looks for the elusive Chupacabra... this time in Jamaica!!

    My Own Private Idaho

  6. Yeah. I've been wanting to do a little ghost hunt on a beach in Hawaii and I think I'd have to hunt in a bikini, just so I don't offend the ghosts, mind you, and perhaps need to hire a big strapping man to lotion me down, just so the star of the show doesn't burn, mind you.

  7. Trust me. I'm interested in this subject. Why would I watch the show and find this website to talk about it. BUT, did anyone else wonder why they have something supposedly very interesting on the thermal imager out in a wide open clearing. Then they go to commercial. Then they come back and just SAY but NOT SHOW how this thing walked away? How the hell did that happen? Wouldn't that have been good to videotape and show us? Or explain WTF happened that it wasn't videotaped?

    They get howls and knocks and a promising thermal image by the house in Northern Florida, then Bobo falls down the steps. WTF? Then they race away to southern Florida?

    A fan, but frustrated (like usual)

  8. Hee hee. Yes. The infamous thermal imager that appears to have no doubt caught someone on the crew, probably taking a leak. You know, Ghost Adventures did something similar. The were in the Vulture Mine compound doing a show and the piano plays by itself. What they don't show is that someone opened the piano and showed them the mouse nests in there. They didn't show that part, but they showed the exciting sounds being made. They can't get in trouble for that because they let us hear the sound and think it's a ghost. This show displays a person caught on FLIR and lets us assume they saw something amazing, but don't show the part where they probably chewed out one of the crew for creeping into the woods to piss when they should have gone behind the team instead of in front of them. I never expect rocket science from these shows or any discoveries or science. I want entertainment and if some interesting and bright people wander the woods and talk to witnesses, I'm happy. Honestly, hearing from witnesses helps compel me one way or the other and seeing the woods at night is just plain bitchin'.

  9. If you ever saw big foot, would you recognize him if you saw him again?

  10. MM;
    See, that's the bitch of facial amnesia. I'd be like, "do I know you, dude?" He'd probably grunt and shrug. Imagine how fun it is for the man in my life when every time I see him, it's like being with a new man.


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