Sunday, June 5, 2011

Adventure Sunday: Plan for October!

Why the heck in June am I talking about October? You have four months to do some planning.

October is a month that needs to not just be glided through but navigated. There is so much to do in this glorious autumn month with better weather, amazing fresh foods, warm crackling fires, countryside ablaze in color, Halloween haunted attractions, apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, corn mazes, chili cookoffs, and Octoberfest.

Jeez, do I need to sell the month to you anymore than that???

Haunted B&Bs for a weekend getaway? A cabin in Vermont for the fall colors? A ghost tour in Charleston? Well, you better book it now!

As we get closer to Halloween, begin to think of what activities you can do to really amp up your October. Don't just walk the color changing woods or burn a fire in the fireplace and say you got the season in our pocket. You don't. You need to experience as much as possible. Don't forget your senses, so include some of these on your Halloween to-do list:

Carving pumpkins (not just a cheesy face--get serious templates for creepy ones)
Heated aromatic oils in pumpkin or cinnamon scents
Pressing autumn leaves in wax paper
Keeping a journal
Making candied or caramel apples
A pot of chili with cheese and cornbread
An Octoberfest
A haunted attraction
A pumpkin patch
A corn maze
Photographing changing colors
Going to a small town historic inn
Farmer's market on a chilly morning
Making arrangements with dried plants and gourds
Going on a ghost tour
Bonfire with ghost stories
Wine tasting at a vineyard

If you have any other great ideas, please contribute! We all need a good to-do list for the most glorious month of the entire year!


  1. This one's a little unorthodox, but it's something I've always wanted to do: build some REALLY creepy (yet simple) costume and stomp around a busy part of town, giving out candy to anyone who stomps you. Oh, and you can never talk...

  2. Haha. I love that one! My son said he wanted to get together with his friend, put on a Batman and Superman costume and run into the middle of a LARPing session in the park and swing plastic swords. haha

  3. good idea .i always prefer backpacking in Sierras with my 5 year old daughter instead of sitting in the apartment and painting mushrooms all day.

  4. I agree! When I lived in Redondo, we hiked the Sierras all the time. Crazy, crazy memories! Gorgeous country. One time, my ex and his friends didn't tell me where we were going. We hiked up to 11,000 feet to Baboon Lake and I was so mad. I kept putting down my pack and saying "I'm not going any further." and they'd say, "it' just over the next hill." they did that for about 4000 feet. Haha I was a gullible idiot and I was about 118 pounds with a 40-pound backpack. (I wanted to take my blankets--I get cold) hee hee

  5. You are making me long for October, but I want to enjoy my summer first. Tried to comment last night but Blogger wouldn't let me. Ticked me off.

  6. Yeah, blogger is still being a she-bitch. I know a lot of folks are having those commenting isses. Don't hold back, MM, give it to me now while you can. hee hee Yeah, with AZ summers being hell on earth, I just close it off, turn up the air and pretend it's October already. I'm working to make my apartment more creepy for my horror writing inspiration, so I'm already thinking Halloween.

  7. I love your list. I am looking forward going to the farm again along with the haunted corn maze, pumpkin patch and Italian ice.

  8. That was the most fun I've had at Halloween since living in AZ! I can't wait to do it again. I'm determined to use the nightvision camera and get the dude in the corn patch to jump out at me. More zombie film would be cool too.