Adventure Sunday: Let Your Inner Geek Out!

Come on, admit it. We're all nerds and geeks. So, what gets your geek on? We're all influenced by different types of nerd-dom. Are you goth and dark? Are you computer-techno crazy? Start incorporating your tendencies into new and interesting avenues. Pump life back into it. You can start up at I have had a lot of success finding interesting groups in my area meeting up. Some died quickly, others morphed, but a few were real gems. If you have an interest in something, someone's made a group for it.

Role playing:
LARP'ing, Zombie Walks, Renaissance festivals, battle reenactments, dungeons and dragons, furries

Science Museum, Stargazing Meetup Group, Planetarium, UFO watching

Flash mobs, Online role-playing, Arcades, ComiCon, SciFi conventions, making short videos for YouTube, geocaching

Gothic, dark, scary:
ghost tours, ghost hunting, urban exploration, dinner murder mystery enactments, cemetery tours

**Don't forget--tonight is "Finding Bigfoot" on Animal Planet. There will be a review tomorrow!**


  1. I'm Gothic/Dark/Scary, with a interest in Role-Playing. I've lately had a (very geeky) interest in trying in creating a horror/Halloween themed RPG, along the lines of DnD, but slightly creepier. Should be fun to look in to!

  2. HN;
    I seriously want to know about it. Sounds like something that could catch on!

  3. Damnit, I have all of them as well! Lol
    My recent Nerdom - Went to a Supervillain party last night. I dressed up as Black Mamba from Marvel Comics.
    I'm going to MetroCon next weekend.
    I made it to the Renaissance festival 5 weekends this year :-p
    I miss the Planetarium in Philly. But I make due with going to the beach and stargazing there.
    I play WoW, Starcraft, Portal (GLaDOS kept lying about the damn cake!! And then she proceeds to call me fat. All the time) various other video games, and my friend's lending me more :)
    And I LOVEEE Ghost tours...
    And if it counts, my friend and I are putting together Darkness Vs Light Fantasy Cybergoth costume. :) Having a lot of fun lately. :-p

  4. Uber nerd--I love it!! You are embracing it all! My next goal is to learn online games. I've never done them. My friend does Oblivion and thinks it's awesome. I'm curious about that game where you act out a dream life--second life? I don't know. I've never been of the computer/games bend, but I think if I started, I wouldn't be able to stop.

  5. Second-life is strange, I kinda want to try it but I'm not sure. It's weird cause it reminds me of The Sims... just... more adult. Lol
    I recommend Guild Wars... You buy it once and don't have to pay for it online. And Guild Wars 2 is coming out and I've heard good things about that.
    I'd say WoW but that's like... a drain of money and even though I love it, I hate that I have to pay 15 bucks a month if I want to play.

  6. I so appreciate the viewpoint! I know nothing of any of this and I feel like if I start doing it, a bunch of seasoned people will roll their eye and go "newbie!"

  7. hehe, If I had the money to play WoW I'd say get that and play on my server and I'll take care of you :-p That's the only game that I have a decent level character in. (I <3 my 80 mage... I wish I had cata and the money to play)
    League of Legends is supposed to be good too.. that's 100% free. I have it installed but I'm having too much fun with Starcraft 2 to try LoL out (heh, I love the acronym for it:-p)

  8. You are such an amazingly geeky ball of sunshine, sweetie!

  9. ^.^ I love being an amazingly geeky ball of sunshine! :-p Especially when I can out-WoW some people. Lolololol Good times :-p


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