Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adventure Sunday: Haunted Tours

I don't know about y'all, but I am soooo getting Halloween fever. I do this every June when we reach peak temperatures. I want to close the blinds, turn up the air-conditioning and watch horror movies and get all giddy thinking of candied apples, corn mazes, pumpkin carving and all things Halloween. With most of the country have sultry temperatures in the daytime, the idea of a nighttime ghost tour sounds pretty nice. Take advantage of the great nights and maybe even book a room downtown (haunted hotel preferably) and sign on for the ghost tour. Here's just some you can find around the country:

Philadelphia A candlelight nighttime walking tour including alleys, parks, and cemeteries.

Detroit A 3-hour tour with transport and ghost hunting tools in the metro area.

Boston This one is led by costumed actors in creepy garb giving a very moody tour.

Baltimore Tours include the waterfront maritime area and the historic cultural area.

Atlanta they offer a walking tour and a tour using a segway--way strange and cool.

New Orleans Cemeteries, voodoo, history--goosebumps!

Houston has a wide variety of places including abandoned cemeteries.

Los Angeles Dearly Departed tours of the underbelly of Hollywood deaths.

Portland OR A walking tour.

Green Bay: Get to go into haunted buildings.

Just punch in your city's name and haunted tours in Google and see what you come up with. Nowadays, there are plenty of ghost tours everywhere. It's also a romantic thing to take a date on because it's spooky, atmospheric, lots of walking in the dark, hand-holding and history.


  1. I've always wanted to go to New Orleans.

  2. Me too! Road trip! You drive the first leg of the trip to right about Austin, and I'll do the second half. Hee hee

  3. Major.Mack;
    I always wanted to go to the vampire bar there and hang out with vampires, but I bet it totally sucks. har har

  4. I imagine the Detroit tour must be scary...Detroit is scary in the first place. I try to bypass it as much as possible.

  5. Don't forget Memphis, TN and the famous Elmwood Cemetery!

    The tours they do are around Hallowe'en!


  6. I sooooo much want to go visit my family in West Virginia in October. It's the dream month to go there. It'd be worth swinging down to TN.

  7. Interesting idea, I've always been fascinated by ghosts. And Detroit looks stuffed with great places to see! I know where we will go for our next holidays :).
    Also, there is interesting article about haunted real estates. Once I will buy one like that!

  8. For a few more days at least, those near Oklahoma can venture out to the Selman Ranch to watch as millions of Mexican Freetail Bats are borne on the warm evening breeze to hunt for insects. Though, I suppose, if you wanted to escape the heat of the desert, you could head into the mountains. In Tucson, I loved going up to Summerhaven. In the city, it could be near 100, but 72 up in the pines.

  9. Hey Cullan. My dream (if I have to stay in this state) is to live in Tucson in the Oro Valley area. I love it there. I fit in with the people and love the Catalinas and the liberal citizens. I've never been to Summerhaven. I need to go there! Next time I'm down that way, it's on my list. I also wanted to do a study inside Peppersauce Cave as far as seeing if there is anything held within a cave from ancient people, being that it is geologically an ideal makeup for supposed recorded events.

  10. I work in a building in Old Town Portland. We have a door that leads to the shanghai tunnels... this weekend, I intend to drag the family down there with me, see what we can find.

    The tours are great, too - but adventuring without the paid guides sounds like so much more fun.

  11. PG;
    You are soooo freaking lucky. Besides living in my favorite "big" city in the US, you get to access that! I would love, as a psychic, to be able to touch the walls and floors and see what I could get. With all the people tramping around there, it's probably lost a lot of residual, but something as simple as a metal beam could give me a lot of info. I want to hear about it.

  12. Providence RI and Salem MA have some amazing tours going on in October! I hope I have enough money & a babysitter so I can go this year.