What is That Wacky Redhead Up To Now?

(Deep breath). Okay, so this month is a bit insane. I am attending my ex-father-in-law's funeral which is very sad because he was a father to me since I was 16 and really believed in me as a writer. I adored him, but I had a very happy relationship with him and feel quite satisfied that both of us were better for being in each others lives.

I am finishing the final edit on "Josiah: Undead Cowboy" my insanely wicked western horror novella involving a ghost town, an undead cowboy and vampires hiding in the gold mines. It is the first of a series of western twists on horror classics called "Midnight Arroyo Series." If you didn't notice his blog, his twitter his tumblr or his YouTube, you might want to check them out. The YouTube will soon have videos involving Josiah. He writes a new post on his blog every day as the clock counts down to the release of this 99-cent novella on Kindle and Nook on Memorial Day. I can promise you this--these western twists on horror classics will be something you've never seen before in the genre. This take on vampires and an undead cowboy is unusual and unsettling.

Remember too that you can load these onto IPADS, droids, other devices and home PCs. You don't need to have a reader. As well, don't forget my book with Julie on Kindle and Nook "Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)" with photography of abandoned sites in the desert and psychic reads on the locations and my book "Was That a Ghost?" that takes you through the steps I take clients through on figuring out if something they encountered was paranormal or not. (Buttons on the left-hand side of the screen)

When I'm not writing and doing a full-time job, I am also working on more ghost hunts and road trips. I have the Tombstone Birdcage coming up mid month in which I will be doing lots of video for you and got myself a nice IR light so I can film at nighttime for you. I also want to take you along with me through stories, photos and videos so you feel like you went on this trek with me. I will be doing a lot more of this. This summer, each month I am planning another insane wild west ghost hunt and filming/photographing/journaling. So, be ready to see AZ from the eyes of someone who hopes to do an "alone" film series for you showing you what it's like to be alone in a scary place. I am hoping to expand my YouTube channel (button on the right) and go in new directions with short documentaries and such in the future.

I've spent a lot of time on the blog working to get y'all into making life adventurous and I want to make this as interactive as possible. I really want every one of you to be my road trip buddies and experiencing these things, asking big questions, trying all kinds of experiments and being a think tank for those into all things creepy and amazing, paranormal and scary.

This blog is always evolving and the posts and regularly scheduled posts. We are between seasons on a lot of the shows I love to review (or ridicule) so no tank top shots until this fall, but I suspect I will find other ways to distract you and make you go WTF is she up to now?

Oh, and the mannequin background? Expect me to change that around with other things that unsettle people. Black crows? Cemeteries? Clowns? Ventriloquist dolls? Jack O'Lanterns? You name it, I will change it up frequently.

Don't turn your head or you'll miss something.

**I'm totally stoked that Animal Planet will have a Bigfoot hunting show starting June 5th, something I've waited forever for! Read about it at my buddy's blog.**


  1. I recommend changing the background to the scariest thing I can imagine... Justin Bieber.

  2. I am looking forward to going to Tombstone and doing an investigation in the Birdcage with you. While you are doing your videos, I will be snapping tons of pictures and of course blog about it. Our future trips will be great and sounds just as adventurous. I can't wait for your book about Josiah.

  3. LII;
    Hey, you're ruining my Halloween surprise!

    I can't wait too. I could use some time away. I'm working from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm every day. It's getting kind of old. Sharon needs to play!!

  4. don't forget about your 'trusty' sidekick, dale!! & the creepy dolls!!

  5. Dale should be making some on the road appearances mid month. He has a new traveling outfit and he's ready to ghost hunt!

  6. Am a huge follower of your blogs and absolutely love the stories you share. I'm looking for guest bloggers for May and would be honored and pleased if you could assist us. This post has more info. http://outtaway.blogspot.com/2011/05/national-sharing-month.html
    I'm looking for those to share an abandoned or haunted place they visited and their experiences. Thanks so much!

  7. Sorry to hear about your former pop in law.

  8. Thanks MM. I got him into reading and he fell in love with it so much, he built libraries an filled them with books. I also got him used to hug greetings. The family is rather stoic. He warmed up easily. I am just so glad we influenced each other's lives. He was a precious commodity and I think he saw me the same way. When all is said and done, we achieved the connection, time to return him after borrowing him.

  9. Where do you normally borrow fathers in law?

  10. Same place as you borrow mothers-in-law, I suppose.

  11. Really sorry to hear about your loss...

  12. Thanks zombie. It's a sad commentary about a very large family, but I've lost over 2 dozen in my lifetime and as the baby on both sides, I'm used to escorting them out. I guess that just means there'll be a great crowd waiting for me on the other side (yeah, I'm an optimist).


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