Versatile Blogger Award

I admit to snagging this award before, but I love the connotations of having this award posted. Oh yes, I'm oh so versatile. I can put my feet behind my head.

I want to thank one of my favorite bloggers I've found when I was doing my creepy blog stalking lately, slowdeath77 from Horror Smorgasbord (I'm Norwegian and I love horror--could this blog be any better suited for me?) for giving me this super award.

I'm supposed to name 7 things y'all don't know about me. What a joke! (Quit laughing, yes, I know I have no self-editing skills). Let's go for the more titillating stuff...

1. I absolutely love having someone nibble on my neck and play with my hair--makes me insane!
2. Best date ever? A cheesy roadside carnival.
3. I used to chase boys in the neighborhood with strawberry lipgloss on and tackle them and kiss them and tell them it was a love potion. Oh hell, I'd still do it if I didn't think I'd get arrested.
4. Shooting baskets for hours at a time, playing HORSE, is a favorite activity.
5. I drink from the beer bottle, even in classy restaurants.
6. I know how to do acupressure of the feet and can make a person helpless.
7. The best restaurant has outdoor dining and little sparkly lights and no loud band.

Now, to give it to 5 other bloggers I've found recently and enjoy:
Bubba's Place
Terror Titans
What Lies Beyond
Zombies Everywhere
Red Shoes Chronicles


  1. i want to see that picture. In bikini.

  2. I wonder if the ghosties would like the strawberry lipgloss? Hum, it could be a new Ghost hunting tool. Better yet, wear it when we look for Bigfoot. Kissy lips and a bottle of beer will drive the beast crazy.

  3. You know, by an ironic twist of fate, I picked up strawberry lipgloss not that long ago. When I put it on, my mind rushed back to about the age of 12. Made me wish I had some boy and infect him with the love potion.

  4. Look out boys, Autumnforest is wearing strawberry lip gloss! Hide your cheeks..... (too late *smack*)

  5. Humbly honored to be selected by you and included among such fine company. Thank you!


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