Monday, May 2, 2011

Upcoming Hunt: Birdcage Theater, Tombstone, AZ

If you watch the ghost hunting shows, you might have noticed that "Ghost Hunters," "Ghost Lab," and "Ghost Adventures" have all done episodes at the Birdcage Theater in Tombstone, AZ. There's a reason all three went there. The place has a lot of troubled activity. Put atop of that the mining geology, the gambling/whoring/killing associated with it, and you have a perfect storm for a haunting.

It is for that reason, I decided to gather up some folks to go on a hunt there in mid May. I'm excited about the mix. As someone who has a feel for people and chemistries, I suspect this will be a good group. We're still in the planning stages of just how we want to execute the hunt and what theories to test, but I am very excited about the project.

If you ever wonder where blogging can take you, three of the seven team members I met through blogging. Two of the seven people have not hunted before. One is a most excellent EVP specialist--really hoping to get audio on this endeavor!

If you recall the GH episode, the J&G saw a full-body apparition, they captured old-fashioned music on an EVP and saw moving shadows, with a rope jumping off its secure spot on a bell on the wall. I will be happy to do a walk-through ahead of time in the daytime hours to get a feel for the place and where equipment will be set up and how to tackle it. We get the place for 3 hours.

It goes without saying that you will be seeing plenty of video and hearing all about it. I do like to take y'all along to get a feel for the process. I bought a high-power IR light, so I am thrilled to be able to test it out and film at night.

We plan to do the Vulture Mine, but will wait until fall when the rattlers and scorpions are hiding. The buildings are riddled with them. This summer I am hoping to do a cabin hunt while staying in it and searching for Bigfoot in the woods, so that would be an awesome hunt and filming/sharing opportunity. Look for me to go on lots of adventures, videotaping and hosting you through some creepy places. I also hope to do some "alone" series on video where I spend some time alone in very creepy places and talk you and show you through it, giving you some chills and thrills. If I had it my way, I'd take y'all along in real life, but I get the logistics of us living far apart. But, I am also a spunky lady who doesn't let that little thing get in the way!


  1. I think I am officially jealous.

    'Alone' videos would be pretty creepy, indeed. You run the risk of ending up like, "This was the last footage of her before she disappeared" type thing!

  2. RR;
    If someone finds my flipcam and I'm not there, that will be very interesting footage. I wrote an alone series here on the blog and I enjoyed very much bringing to life for people what it was like to be alone in super creepy places, but I am happy to be doing it on video too. I think with my new IR light, I could actually capture some super creepiness at nighttime.

  3. pretty sure with your new ir light it will be easier to capture the ghostly ambience of the place.

  4. bU;
    It will make for better filming in the dark. I don't expect to get the full-figure apparition on video--at least, no one seems to be so lucky, but it will definitely make it possible for me to share the place in a walk through with y'all.

  5. That place just LOOKS haunted!

  6. Seriously! It has a colorful history and lots of death, but all three of the main ghost shows had a lot of action. As a psychic, I am just excited to be able to touch the place!

  7. I am really looking forward to seeing this Historic place as you guy's do. With all the history behind it, you should be able to see or find something.

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