Totally A-MAZE-ing Corn Mazes

(Above: Julie and I are doing this one again this October)

(Above: Remember this "horror short" I made from our time at the country farm last October?)

Corn mazes--what is it we love about these things?

When you enter a corn maze, your objective is to not get lost in a tall wall of greenery. It is fragrant, earthy, cool, and makes wonderful crackling sounds in the wind. Some turns dead-end and in your mind, you're trying to perceive of your location from above which is an interesting and almost astrally-projecting POV. When you get deep into one, it can be a real mind fuck to figure out where you've been, where you should go next.

At nighttime, in a full moon, a corn maze is a thing of horror movies, dark recesses, cool tendrils of chilly wet air from recent irrigation, and the rubbing corn stalks sound like whispering hordes of zombies in the distance.

I think the very most romantic dates in the entire world are cheap roadside carnivals, drive-in movies and corn mazes at night. Does it get any better than the smells and sounds? The suspense and surprise?

And, when you get separated from our maze partners, something happens. You stand there in the dark columns of corn, inhaling the sweet scent of damp earth and corn ripening from the day's heat and you realize that anything could be within the rows, in the dark spooky tunnels that are created by overreaching stalks. Something scampers by you. A field mouse? Or something else???

It's getting into the super hot season here in AZ, so expect me to begin waxing nostalgic about things like autumn, Halloween, and all things creepy and dark. The background of the blog will change frequently and will definitely unsettle. This is all about building up your levels of terror threat to "red" as we march towards that greatest month of all--October!

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  1. Chilled to the bone corn maze compilation. And there are many other good things come from one amazing plant.

  2. Yeah, except that damn corn sweeteners. Personally, I like it grilled and lots of butter.

  3. A-MAZE-ing corn maze! I see what you did there! lol.


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